Natural Remedies Consultation

Join me, a Mum, a qualified postnatal educator, holistic child reflux and colic specialist, and world pioneer on how to heal colic and reflux naturally. With almost thirty years of postnatal experience, digging deep into this matter out of desperation to heal the baby's I cared for in my early career, I’m here to lift the veil on the myths and the false teachings that have your newborn suffering.


Discover that all is not as it is currently projected when it comes to the causes of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour - or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these symptoms.

You no longer have to wait for baby to grow out of it.
You can avoid reflux medications for your child.
All you need is an open mind to embrace some different ways that will give you the family that you dreamed of, as it has for thousands of parents before you.

What We Will Discuss

Digestive Overload symptoms

Understand your child’s symptoms like never before. Go beyond what other professionals may have told you and learn the ‘why’ behind each of your child‘s symptoms.

The basic science of your baby’s digestive system

How your child’s digestive system functions, and the number of ways Digestive Overload symptoms are created because of some of the widely mis-taught care practices that currently exist have the digestive system struggling and bubs pain.

Nutritional factors

Let’s talk Digestive Overload from the perspective of everything breastfeeding, bottle feeding, mixed feeding and expressing. Feeding amounts, breastfeeding diet, formula choices along with the practicalities like fast let down, oversupply, beneficial bottle feeding and more.


Learn the real effects of trapped air in the digestive tract. Let me show you some practical techniques that release gas for your baby, and discuss how to read and respond to your babies Six-Wind-Cues - the cues that I have discovered that make a substantial difference to a newborns reflux, discomfort, sleep and feeding.

Tongue and lip ties

The effects of these for your baby’s and how they contribute to Digestive Overload symptoms. How you can assess these at home for your child, what professionals are best to get procedures performed by, and what to expect after the frenotomy (tongue tie) or frenectomy (lip tie) has taken place.

Bowel motions and flatulence

The colour and consistency of your baby’s stools can tell us so much. We will decipher their meaning together, along with how to make the necessary steps toward them being healthy.

Natural remedies, over-the-counter and prescribed medications

A breakdown of the ingredients in the remedies you have listed when joining this group consultation, along with the effects of using the remedies or medications, and how best to withdrawal the remedies or medications for your child’s situation.

Developmental sleep

How much is required at certain ages, along with tips and tricks for settling, re-settling, day and night sleeps.

Maternal and partner health

Hormonal changes are so often overlooked when it comes to breastfeeding, and the nurturing of both the mother and baby. Learn about remedies that can help, and those that hinder.

My baby was suffering from the effects of being cluster fed and overfed. He had trapped wind and intestinal discomfort, which led to inconsolable crying and much heartache for me. I was confused as mainstream healthcare professionals told me he was 'thriving' as seen from his massive weight gain. But how can a thriving baby be crying so much? In what way was he thriving?? In desperation I found Philippa's work. On having a consultation with her, I started practising Biological Care and my boy is now a lot happier, and has stopped crying inconsolably for hours. From a previously heartbroken mama, I so wish everyone could learn Philippa’s knowledge. It would save so much heartache.

What You receive

A virtual Zoom consultation with me, and a maximum of three other families for two to three hours.

Emailed reminders with simple instructions on how to join our virtual consultation, view our recorded consultation once finished, and access the additional information you require for your situation.

The chance to ask me questions throughout the consultation, while gleaning more knowledge as I ask and answer the accompanying parents questions.

VIP Membership entry into the BabyCues Circle for a month where you can view a recording of our online consultation. This is especially helpful if you’d like your partner and support people to understand the methods you have adopted.

Access to bonus handouts that will help you put my suggestions into action after we finish our chat.

Entry to peruse and glean more advice from BabyCues extensive VIP FAQ’s Library, where I have all of those common questions that I have been previously been asked by thousands of parents.

Connection with other parents that have also had a consultation with me, or taken one of my many courses, via my Facebook VIP BabyCues Circle page so you can feel further supported, and support others.

The feeling of unity and support within the turmoil that you and your baby are experiencing, both from myself and the other participants.

Answers and advice that are responsive to your booking form submission below.


Book Your Consultation

Our consultation will be via Zoom, and you will be sent a link to click on once you submit the form below. No need to download anything prior, but it may take five mins for the link to upload all you need at the time, so do make sure you are ready early enough.
You will also be sent reminders so you don’t miss the chance to ask your questions.



Q: Why and how is this consultation any different to any doctors, midwives, lactation consultants I have had advice from? None of that helped, so how is this different?

A. Your baby, like many, is crying out for help, and the answers you have received thus far are not offering you that. I know what those so called ‘answers’ are and like you, I had to seek further beyond them to try and find some logical explanations, some firm foundation of research that actually made sense because probably like you, I did not believe that the baby’s pain, unsettled behaviour and lack of joy within the family was something that we had to just struggle through. Nature could not get this so wrong! Thankfully my years of truly watching what the newborns were showing me time after time within their communication, plus the logical, well known aspects of early digestive biology, plus all of the thousands of hours of being with the newborns, gave me the answers I, and many parents are looking for. This is a consultation on colic and reflux like no other. This is steeped in knowledge, research and the understanding of how a newborn is, like none you have had before, and that is all said without my ego. Just the simple knowing of what I teach and advise works, because it embraces your child's natural way of being. 



Q: How much time do I need to set aside for the live consultation?

A: I have set aside two hours, however, I often find that to answer questions this can extend to three hours. If you can stay for all that time then great. But if you can’t, then the full group consultation will be available to you in the VIP BabyCues Circle after 24 hours of our consultation time. You will receive a log in for the BabyCues Circle at the end of our consultation.



Q: I’m concerned that I won’t get the specific answers I need to help my child because there will be other parents on this virtual consultation.

A: It’s understandable that you are worried about this, but this is why I keep all group consultations to a maximum of five families and ask you to fill in an in-depth booking form. Also, with the causes of reflux and colic being largely the same, I am confident that every parent attending will leave feeling empowered and confident to relieve their child’s symptoms.



Q: I have never used Zoom, and am technically challenged, so I’m worried that I won’t be able to connect for the consultation.

A: Seriously, if you can click on a link in an email then you are good to go! On submitting your booking below you will receive an email from me. If you don’t then please do check your junk mail, or that you have entered your email correctly (if not, then please let me know on In the email you receive there is a link to click on. Do that about ten minutes before the time we chat, and follow the prompts from Zoom on your screen, and hey presto, you will get to see me and hear all I have to share. It really is that simple.



Q: What happens if I miss writing down what you said about my child?

A: You will have access to our recorded consultation via the VIP BabyCues Circle for a month. You will also get to access my extensive FAQ’s library, and read bonus material that will help you take the necessary steps toward health for your child, and family.



Q: Is my information confidential given we are in a group consultation?

A: While BabyCues states that all is to be kept confidential within our terms and conditions, including both your details/information and that which I provide, given we cannot be sure that everyone attending will adhere to these conditions, we suggest that you keep this in mind if there is anything personal you would rather not share.

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