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Certified Infant Gut Health Practitioners

Accepted to train UK Health Visitors we provide expert, scientific, postnatal education that NATURALLY prevents and eliminates colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, lactose and dairy overload symptoms, and some cases of cow's milk protein intolerance by focusing on newborn digestive function, interpreting cues, and then aligning care practices with these.

By joining with us to facilitate a calmer start to life for our young, you will gain insights that are truly unmatched, whilst offering the intimate support, knowledge and hands-on practices that our newborns are crying out for, and their parents so need.

So, if you are an individual student, or an organisation of thousands, that would like to stop this atrocious, heart wrenching, silent pandemic of Digestive Overload, which is the real cause of these symptoms, then we would love to have you join us on our vital, required mission. 

nurture the child's perspective

What Infant Gut Health Practitioners do?

Coach, support, advise, and empower parents to intimately understand their child while providing education on their child’s developing digestive system over their first two years of life, through the two pathways of “cue-led communication and response” and “digestive understanding and balance.”

All of which cultivates positive feeding, burping, and sleep for the infant, so improving their holistic mental and physical wellbeing, whilst enhancing responsive confidence within awareness and recognition for their parents. So, if this is your aim, along with sharing logical, researched based approaches that have already soothed thousands of children around the world, then this training is for you.

What we teach changes lives! 

Master our six Life-logical Coaching's to become one of BabyCues Certified Infant Gut Health Practitioners.


Nine months of online training on: Digestive Overload, Bio-logical Feeding, Bio-logical Burping, Bio-logical Calming, Bio-logical Sleep and Bio-logical Solids.

Understand the causes and the natural pathways to heal Digestive Overload (the real cause of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, and some cases of CMPA).
Available for individuals, groups, or organisations so we can collectively obtain continuity in care for this silent pandemic.

Prerequisites and certification

  • To qualify for our coaching you need to hold a healthcare, or childcare qualification. There is more about this in our Curriculum Guide

  • You will need to complete all Six Life-logical Coaching subjects with a pass rate of 75% on all assessments.

  • You will then be listed on the Academy's "BabyCues Practitioner Register” with a link to your website and/or your clinic's address, so parents seeking this service can find you. 

  • On graduation, this training qualifies you as a BabyCues Certified Infant Gut Health Practitioner.

You receive

  • Revolutionary one-on-one training curated by our founder via online modules that deliver the parent and newborn perspective through case studies, assignments and mindful enjoyment.

  • Life-time access to BabyCues Professional Community where students from around the world connect to enable and continue this necessary transformation for our children.

  • Discounted fees for any online conferences, or BabyCues Infant Health Summits.

  • VIP access to BabyCues FAQ's Library for parents via our BabyCues Circle.

  • The fantastic opportunity to attend online Q & A’s with Philippa, our founder, twice a year to talk through your submitted case studies and to further your learning.

With the last four mentioned available for the small admin cost of $250.00, paid on certification, or pay the full enrolment today and the first year is on us. 

our curriculum

Our curriculum teaches two pathways of care under the umbrella of Bio-logical Practice. The first of these is Bio-logical Care, which covers 0-6 month olds. The second pathway is Bio-logical Solids Weaning, which encompasses solids introduction from 6-24 months. The BabyCues Academy have then entwinned these practices into Six Life-logical Coaching's.

babyCues SIX life-logical COACHINGS

Digestive Overload

Deep dive into the extensive digestive research available that tells us, our infants do not need to be suffering with colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, lactose and dairy overload symptoms, and misdiagnosed cases of CMPA - or what our founder has coined Digestive Overload, the real cause of these devastating and unnecessary symptoms. 

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Bio-logical Milk Feeding

Uplift the practice of demand feeding by learning how a newborns digestive system functions, the differences between theirs and an adults, and therefore how to harmoniously breast, bottle and formula feed them within their natural digestive capabilities and capacities. We will also discuss the multitude of formulas available, the effects these have, and which are appropriate for particular assessments.

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Bio-logical Cues and Calming

Understanding what our newborns are communicating and how to respond to their profound, telltale cues by using their instinctive reflexes of hearing, touch, sight, and their emotional feeling body (aka sixth sense) to create the rest and digest way of being, whilst providing optimal security, calming, attachment and brain development, is the wish of every parent, and something you will be able to enhance with this coaching.

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Bio-logical Burping and Gas

Glean evidence based knowledge about the causes and effects of trapped air and gas in a newborn’s body from 0-6 months. You'll learn the intimate practice of Nature’s Wind Sequence, a step-by-step natural method to release air from a newborns stomach, along with our founders original discovery of our innate Six-Wind-Cues – fundamental knowledge for anyone that is working with newborns.

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Bio-logical Sleep

Pass on the gift of restorative, deep sleep to the newborns you encounter through these techniques of settling, recognising the real tired cues, developing their natural body clock rhythm and aiding them with BabyCues Safe Snuggle method. We will also touch on the developmental effects of the lack of sleep, and the appropriate interaction between biology and psychological stimulus.

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Bio-logical Solids Weaning

Discover how to achieve optimal digestive health, strong immunity, and a healthy relationship with food for our infants, while supporting their parents with positive nutritional education so they can confidently offer an age appropriate diet, textures and amounts based on the infant’s digestive and oral development. Given gut health is deeply connected to mental, physical and emotional health, this coaching is a must for any professional working with infants. 

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included book resources

Care after birth
Prevent & Remedy
breastfeeding diet
Bio-logical Solids Weaning
tongue and lip tie

Dr Nagrani - Pediatrician

"Philippa changed my life with my baby tremendously, and my patients lives. I really hope you have an opportunity to share this super valuable information to medical personnel, to health professionals so we can help more people."

how your training is delivered

Your Time Your Way

The BabyCues Academy training  platform is a portable classroom where individuals get to learn at their own pace within specified dates of completion, or privately as groups and organisations so you can learn together - you choose. We will guide you to set up an account, which allows us to track your progress.


One to two intakes of students each year means you will be welcomed into a community of like-minded people that will walk with you through the entire training, whilst having access to each other through the BabyCues Circle Community while you are studying. 


We incorporate videos of the practical techniques required, quizzes, multiple choice questions, case studies, one-on-one coaching with our founder, all of BabyCues published books and booklets, and we provide you with essential resources to download, and share with your families on your road to become a BabyCues Certified Infant Gut Health Practitioner.

nourish nature's innate wisdom

individual and group enrolments

C P D   A C C R E D I T E D   C O A C H I N G



the parents are wanting more

Baby Dallas had been on Ranitidine, Prilosec and was on Nexium when Philippa meet him at three months old, and consulted with his parents.

At six months old sally's son had bottle aversion, screamed a lot, had been on acid inhibitors, and did not sleep well, but adopting Bio-logical Weaning eliminated all of these.

I meet gorgeous Milo when he was four weeks old. Sadly, his Mum was trying to understand and grapple with his highly unsettled symptoms of Digestive Overload.

words from your teacher, our founder

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Family Times
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Philippa Murphy, CBS, INHC, BMs

"Currently it is estimated that 33,000,000 newborns suffer with colic, and 90,000,000 experience varying degrees of reflux symptoms every year! This is reprehensible! It’s a silent pandemic that’s leaving disastrous mental and physical scars on all who are involved, and it's time, it's time to transform this.

The elders are exhausted within their survival mode of “living”. They are lost within the advice that says, “give this medication”, “they’ll grow out of it”, “we don’t know what causes it.” And the youngsters, well they are often in a place of misery that no human deserves to live, let alone one that has only just entered life.

We must not let our children down. We must not leave them to suffer – to not experience that which they truly are. It is time for as to assemble a legion of health professionals to offer them, and their guardians, the natural, logical and responsive solutions that now exist.

The BabyCues Academy embraces this enormous challenge before us, while inviting you to step forth with us to do the same. Joining other open-minded providers that want to share predictive preventions, collaborative continuity of care and make significant, immeasurable advances to heal our children, enable healthy families and elevate generational wellbeing."

The time is now. 

Are you with us?

Philippa x

Philippa's Credentials

lets do this

it will cost you, but let it not cost our children

If you are a single student you can join us TODAY for just one payment of $555 (followed by eight equal monthly payments) or, for the best savings + your first year of your Academy's Coaching Membership FREE, one payment of $4699

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only nine months to make a difference

1. Enrol - Sign up as an individual and you can instantly start or talk to our support team to book as a private group or organisation, and we will be in touch within three to four days. 

2. Graduate - Pass with 75% to upskill and empower family transformations for the clients in your area, with unique but proven knowledge that is already helping thousands around the globe.

3. Coach - On gaining your certification, you will be able to educate, support, advise and share the theory and practical measures required to heal Digestive Overload naturally. 


your certification awaits

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