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Would you like to help newborns in your hometown or region feel more comfortable? Or enable parents to relax into getting to know their newborn and infant more intimately through understanding this knowledge? Or perhaps you have experienced the BabyCues methods with your baby, and like may before you, you'd now like to shout about this approach from the roof tops and share it with as many people as you can? Well, now you have that opportunity. 





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You choose how many you would like to distribute to your local doctor's office, midwives, lactation consultants, parenting organisations, friends and family, and then simply fill the order form in below.



You don't have to pay anything to help more parents and newborns around the world. This one is on me. So what's stopping you?



Then it's up to you to get your legs pumping, or wheels turning, to distribute the pamphlets you order to any parenting organisations, health professionals, medical or health clinics that you have in mind. It really is that simple.


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For orders in excess of 50, please contact us.

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