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Bio-logical Weaning Guide

The BabyCues Bio-logical Weaning Guide holds a much needed, infant centered approach on how to introduce solids from six months to two years of age. Offering an infant digestive health and development perspective, this back-to-basic guide delivers, insightful know-how, practical tips, and researched based knowledge and solutions to some of the problems that may happen during a child’s first eighteen months of their food journey. It really is a guide that is one out of the box – thankfully! For our infants really need us to change how we start and progress them onto solid food, especially if we are to combat adults obesity.

It’s time for a new way,
A way that is infused with
nature’s gift of biology.
That is truly
infant led.

Aligning with World Health Organisation recommendations, BabyCues Bio-logical Weaning Practice is underpinned by the ingenious philosophy of Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow.
It combines the best of the current methods of Baby-led Weaning and Traditional Purees, whilst leading the way with comprehensive wisdom, and research that decisively entwines with nature and the developing digestive system of an infant.
This guide on complementary food is authentic, beautifully simple, researched base, full of practical tips, and is truly ground breaking for positive, illuminating infant health outcomes around the globe.

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olivia's & Billie's experience with BabyCues bio-logical weaning

Main Features of Bio-logical Weaning

A Holistic Health Approach

Solids are started at 6–8 months in accordance with World Health Organisation recommendations. Although if a child is needing help with weight gain then solids may be introduced at 5 ½ months.

Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow is an integral practice that is based on an infant’s developing digestive system and nutritional requirements. Thus infants are fed in accordance with their developing digestive system.

The child is showing interest in foods.

They can sit up with less help.

Food is placed into baby’s mouth.

The child may be enticed to eat.

A spoon will be used to feed the infant for the majority of the time between the ages of 6–10 months.

The infant is offered sloppy pureed food from 6 months to 8 months.

More textured food is given at 8–11 months, and chunky, chewing food is appropriate at 11 months onward.

Initially the child is fed their milk feeds on waking, and their three solid feeds half an hour before they go to sleep from 6–10 months, thus working with the innate ‘rest and digest’ way of being.

At ten months the digestive system can cope with having milk and solid feeds closer together, which means the child would then be more likely to eat with the family for all meals.

“I can’t thank you enough as your approach to Jaden’s health is so tailored to his needs. I really think this is why we are on a good path and know it would be a very different story had I not had your expertise. This process has helped me to be a confident Mum, and learn that our decisions are very important. Thanks again so much for your ongoing support. Keep doing your great work. It’s life changing!"


Master the skills to help your infant


the basics about how your infant's digestive system develops

when it's best to start solids in accordance with the digestive system

the differences between allergies and intolerances

symptoms, causes and treatment of intolerances and allergies

allergenic foods before six months - what the research really says

your infant’s required levels of nutrients, inclusive of iron

effects of gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, gassy foods, sugar

what you may not know about commercial baby food

causes for fussy feeding and tips

what foods at what age from six months to two years

appropriate textures and quantities at each age

Bio-logical Daily Patterns for each age

ebook NZD$29.95

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Hallelujah! Gosh Philippa, your aptitude around this has been amazing for Matilda, and we just can’t thank you enough! Since giving her less variety and food, her constipation has subsided for the first time since starting solids. That’s a full year! She is pooing every one to two days now, and is much happier! Much happier! I can’t believe the difference and all in a week and half of making the changes you suggested. My heart goes to pieces when I think about all the pain I could have saved her if I had known of you earlier. I will be sharing your information wide and far. You are a marvel.



I am committed to shedding light on the truth behind some of the research that parents are being fed.

“I applaud you Philippa for your logic, bravery, and instinctual mind set.”

“Thank you so much for writing this book. Such a good read.”

“I wish I’d found this ages ago. My child is so calm now.”

“This makes total sense. I’ll be sharing it for sure.”

“I love that everything is backed by research.”

“This should be adopted on mass.”

“More sleep for us all, thank you!”

“What a preservation for infants.”

“Such truth.”

“A gift.”