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Bio-logical Practice

BabyCues Bio-logical Practice embraces life-logical methods that are not only logical, but also responsive, respectful and intimate.
The Bio-logical Practice is firmly based on established, factual science about how a baby’s, or infant’s digestive biology functions, their mental and physical development at each age and stage, and how to respectfully respond knowingly to their full array of cues.
This revolutionary philosophy was birthed out of my desperation to find answers for the children I cared for in my earlier career that were highly upset, or labelled with colic or reflux. I of course yearned to help them, to take away their pain, and my instinct kept saying, nature would not want this and get this so wrong for our babies. We carers, parents and health professionals must be missing something, and we certainly were. Lots of things. Thankfully, now though after years of defining, we seriously do have the answers, and these show us that no baby needs to suffer with so called colic, reflux, silent reflux, lactose and dairy overload, or the witching hour. We can truly heal these symptoms for our young, and BabyCues Bio-logical Practice is the first method ever to do this time and time again for thousands of children.

When we nurture a child within the proven research of how their digestive system functions in the first two years of life, we have a firm foundation that helps us make healthy, balanced decisions for them in each moment, while coming from a base perspective that largely suits the majority of children for it is birthed from our knowledge of biology.

Once this knowledge is known, parents and health professionals can then begin to examine the individual circumstances of each child that may influence unsettled behaviour, like the care practices that are being provided and genetic sensitives. Marry this with an in-depth understanding of a newborn's intimate cues, and a child’s balanced nutritional requirements, and we can truly begin to foster confidence, attachment and receptive care that stimulates optimum social, emotional and cognitive development at a time of exponential growth. We can also establish natural, calm feeding patterns and settled sleep.

Believe me when I say, until you have nurtured a newborn, or introduce and feed solids to your infant using this practice, you don’t really know how settled and calm children can be in that first two years of life. But, just in case you don't believe me, please feel free to read what parents have to say about it.


Quite simply, this form of care nurtures an intuitive understanding between you and your child, which creates a positive, calm environment for love and caring. In more detail though, when all of the aspects of feeding and winding are in tune with a child’s natural digestive function they:
  • become more settled
  • sleep longer and more soundly – longer than the 45 minutes that has now been sadly labelled as normal for our newborns
  • cry less, and when they do cry they are easily soothed because you learn to read and respond to their needs
  • have healthy weight gains – not unhealthy large weight gains from being overfed
  • have bowel motions that show a healthy functioning digestive system
  • less likely to have distended stomachs from an overload of trapped air and milk/food in the stomach
  • avoid the behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload, or what I call Digestive Overload, the cause of these behaviours.
  • avoid the often unnecessary pathway of acid inhibitors – the medical path for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease which are often, incorrectly and detrimentally prescribed for Gastroesophageal Reflux, which can now be healed naturally through these practices
  • increased chance of experiencing optimal growth and brain development
  • parent’s feel empowered for they understand what their child is communicating

The two age groups for the Bio-logical Practice

Learn how to nurture your child within their natural digestive capacities and capabilities while understanding and responding knowingly to their full array of cues, thus enhancing their natural development, with the two age appropriate Bio-logical Practices.