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Unite with us on BabyCues: Four Global Infant Led Evolutions that are leading the way to revolutionise infant gut health, and further uplift intimate understanding from newborn to two years of age. All while supporting the parent's, or caregiver's intuitive knowing that there is more wisdom available to amplify comfort for their child.

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"Your knowledge needs to literally be worldwide! I wish I had known this with my first son. The holistic approach helps so much more than most medical professionals. Thank you. Your work is amazing."

"I'm shocked and saddened that what Philippa taught me is not common knowledge amongst mothers or the medical community."

"Seriously, every midwife needs to give their clients this information."

"This information is possibly one of the most important contributions to newborn/infant health and wellbeing that I have ever come across."

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Our newborns and infants need our help for they are currently embroiled in one of the biggest, somewhat manufactured silent dis-ease pandemics of our time, under the guise of terms like colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, and some cases of cow's milk protein allergy. The range of serious health complications and avoidable pain that thousands are experiencing daily, is growing to phenomenal proportions and yet, this is something we can change.

Infants are being prescribed formulas, medication, or over the counter ‘remedies’ that are not fit for the health of anyone, let alone our innocent children. Parents are beside themselves with worry, causing significant mental and physical outcomes, and yet many get told that they have to simply wait for their child to grow out of it, that it is normal for a baby to cry.

The causes of this pandemic of dis-ease and disorder are many, but some revolutionary answers to heal it are now known. And guess what? They are relatively simple, holistic and have already proven to alleviate pain for thousands of newborns around the world. Parents want to shout about these solutions from the roof tops, and the Four Evolutions that I am offering is their shouting being heard. It is also our children’s scream for help. Let's show them we are listening.

how you can help our infants

spread the preventative and remedial knowledge that naturally heals Digestive Overload

train other health professionals in the natural healing pathways for Digestive Overload

supply the choice of freeze-dried breast milk powder as a healthier alternative to formula

Postnatal healthcare systems around the world are struggling to provide the support, empowering education and the balanced health approach that families require to establish the best start possible for their child. This is not a judgement, or an accusation, it's simply fact and anyone working in this arena would agree I am sure.

We currently have a horrendous situation where many of the distress symptoms exhibited by newborns are now projected to parents as ‘normal’, with some even being categorised as part of their natural development because they are common. And they are common because parents around the globe are either being taught postnatal care practices that cause many adverse symptoms - often labelled as the witching hour, purple crying, colic, reflux, silent reflux, lactose and dairy overload – or the parent simply has not received enough information on how to care or sooth their child before they birthed.

This lack and these scenario’s, that cause so much devastation at such an important time of development, have to stop. It’s time to embrace new ways that actually coincide with nature’s gifts within biology if we are to protect our precious young, and shape positive physical and mental health outcomes for families worldwide.

We parents, grandparents, the guardians of newborn's, hold the power for change, so let's join hands to evoke virtuous health opportunities for those we are here to protect.


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Let us not leave them stranded when natural answers are known, and healing is at hand... 

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Name: Philippa Murphy
Credentials: Infant Gut Health Practitioner, Certified Lactation Consultant, Nutritional Health Coach, Postnatal Practitioner for thirty years, Accepted Trainer of UK Health Visitors 
Topic: Infant Led Evolutions - the infant's perspective, and any four of the individual evolutions


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Name: Philippa Murphy
Credentials: Infant Gut Health Practitioner, Certified Lactation Consultant, Nutritional Health Coach, Postnatal Practitioner for thirty years, Accepted Trainer of UK Health Visitors, Five-time author 
Topic: Infant Led Evolutions - the infant's perspective, or any four of the BabyCues individual evolutions


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