For me there is nothing like empowering a family that may feel lost, overwhelmed and confused, with logical, researched knowledge that helps them care for their child in the way they deserve - responsively, respectfully and holistically. So whichever stage you are at in your parenthood journey, it would be my pleasure to help you and your family thrive. Simply choose one of the stages below to learn more.
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“Finding Philippa has been such a blessing for our family. We were in desperate need for help as my little 6 month old boy was refusing the bottle and we did not know why. There is no way to describe the desperation and anxiety we had, as doctors just wanted to medicate him for suspected silent reflux and possibly perform terribly invasive tests on him. I was so hesitant to give him medicine, in my gut I knew that was not the answer. That’s when my extensive research led me to contact Philippa, who got back to me right away, set up a consultation (where she was absolutely professional, kind, knowledgeable, thorough and supportive) and gave us a feeding plan the very next day!

In less than 3 days thereafter, Marc was drinking his bottle and enjoying his feeds! Now, 2 weeks since starting the plan, he is thriving, eating like a champ (he even tries to hold the bottle himself!) and sleeping well.

Finding Philippa completely changed our lives and helped us become better parents. I recommend Philippa’s help to anyone who wants to prepare themselves before having a child, or who is looking for answers in order to help their little ones. I am sticking with Philippa’s guidance for the long term, as we continue to watch our beautiful baby boy thrive and grow! All thanks to Philippa!”