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Welcome to the place where the element of air is respected in it's fullest form for the benefit for our newborns. Because optimum winding is like the pivot of a seesaw. At one end is feeding, the other sleep. If the pivot is not maintained, all becomes unhinged.

or, continue scrolling to see why we feel a revamp of care practices and understanding is required when it comes to the element of air in an infant's body.


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Here at BabyCues, I believe trapped air and gas is intriguing, stimulating and zestful! How? Well, amazing discoveries about the element of air in a newborns body have been found, and they are seriously mind-blowing! So much so that they require us to revolutionise our postnatal care practices, and education, to provide optimal mental and physical health for our infants.

We can do so much to eliminate the pain, and complications from trapped air, to create holistic health outcomes for our newborns, infants and parents, and much of what can harness the positive, delicate balance of air is rather logical. So, let's works hard to honor nature's intelligence and spread this insane level of deserved intimacy for our children.

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The discoverer of humanity’s intrinsic mechanism of air that assists at least five instrumental developments for humankind through the creation of the Six-Wind-Cues. Inclusive of EYESIGHT, MASTICATIONS, CONTROLLED LIMB MOVEMENT, and get this, the...


Incredible! I am completely in awe, delighted and humbled to be the person that discovered that there is more to the wonderful element of air in our early developing bodies than first thought, and when we responsively attune our care to air's innate cues, we can immeasurably change newborn and infant health for the better.

Currently though, without this knowledge being spread on mass (as yet!) our children are facing an uphill battle against ingrained beliefs, mis-teachings and profit margins.

So, birthing this Burping Evolution is my way of saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – let’s end their struggle with gas pain for good and return to the soul of nature.

Are you with me?


Philippa x


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Discover the vital, missing information that has far too many newborns suffering with gas and digestive pain. Understand the discomfort that trapped air can cause, dive deep into the causes of gas and the solutions, while watching never before seen footage to learn the practical burping techniques that intuitively align with what your child is showing you in each moment. Inclusive of how to respond knowingly to their Six-Wind-Cues.


Having already helped thousands of newborns around the world, and described by many parents as revolutionary, and THE baby manual that all must have, this self-help book will have you understanding your newborns wind cues, and how to burp them like never before. A perfect bible for any parent with a newborn to six month old, this book has proven findings and practical know-how that fosters natural digestive balance while also healing colic and reflux symptoms naturally.

breastfeeding diet guide

The gas caused from a Mum's breastfeeding diet, your supplement choices, and drinks can affect the comfort of your baby. This simple to follow guide allows you to understand and choose the appropriate foods for your infant's gut health, which in turn can alleviate Digestive Overload symptoms, whilst gifting more sleep to your little one.


If your baby is born with a tongue or lip tie, then there is a high chance that they will automatically ingest more air when they feed. But the techniques and information in this booklet can help you decipher whether the procedure for release is required, and what the best course of action may be for your situation. You'll also get to read my own personal experience with my son. 

feeding volumes & weight

When a baby is fed higher amounts of breast milk or formula than the digestive system can naturally process, they can overload with lactose which increases gas and unsettled behaviour. Not only that, an overload of other nutrients in the milk may contribute to constipation, bodily distress, and in some cases sleep deprivation symptoms - limit these outcomes by providing amounts that nurture digestive health. 

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Join the growing number of parents that are now watching their child live the calmer life they imagined, after implementing Philippa's advice via an online consultation. Receive insight into your child’s individual causes for their symptoms, while acquiring a tailored approach for healing. Online, international consultations are available for the ages of newborn to two years of age.


Receive three of my top tips for reducing trapped air, thus helping you and your baby right now. These tips turn ingrained thinking about burping on their head, but gosh, do they make logical sense! I hope you find them helpful, and I’ll see you in your inbox, as you get the benefit of receiving exclusive information, giveaways and tips.


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I love how responsive and loving the advice is, and all the burping tricks - life changing. I will be passing this information down to my daughters. You have a very keen observational eye Philippa, and you're so logical. It all just makes sense. Thank you.

My daughter had been screaming down the house for two months before I found your unbelievable information Philippa. How can this not be plastered everywhere? We have had the best week ever for Elise since birth. She slept for six hours last night, off us! Never done before. I feel like a new women.

Philippa Murphy is a godsend in the world of newborns and advocates for them on the premise that they are not lacking and not poorly designed. Her information is pretty incredible and she gives you many ways to validate that her interpretation of the cues are correct. I think this lady is a genius.

air is a wonderful element of life

understanding it's presence is essential

There is a common cycle of care that most parents fall into, either out of desperation as they don't know what to do for their baby but feed them, or they get told by other professionals 'that it's normal for baby to feed a lot and cluster feed at night' and 'newborns don't need to burp'. But unfortunately it is these care practices, and others that start the newborn on a common, daily cycle of digestive issues formed from trapped air and the excess production of gas that is created from over feeding as the leftovers release hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

As already mentioned, this can cause dire levels of pain, cramping, reflux, constipation, unsettled sleep, and more. However, all of this is now avoidable if we are prepared to evolve and further increase our understanding about trapped air and gas in a newborns and infants digestive processes and communication.

For what has now been discovered about the element of air in the body is beyond extraordinary and quite simply, universally life changing for our human development. Making it a necessity that it is heard.


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