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Tongue & Lip Tie

This much needed guide has it all – my personal experience and top tips, how to diagnose at home with professional guides, the best specialists for the procedure along with what you should ask them to know your baby, or infant, are in competent and skilled hands. You’ll also glean advice around recovery and aftercare that will enable a smoother time, while understanding when you may need to reach out for further help.

When the initial diagnosis
can be driven by offering parent's the knowledge
they require, why wait?

My hope with this booklet is that you receive all the information you need to empower your choice for your child, as I assist you with best-practice skills, while supplying a resource that goes beyond tongue and lip tie procedures being a “fad”.
I also provide you with a list of enquiring questions that you can ask yourself to define if you’d like to go ahead with releasing a tongue and/or lip tie, while supplying you with and extensive list of questions for the specialist to determine if they, and their clinic practices are the first-rate professionals that your child requires.

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Amplify Positive feeding

ties can lead to

 Breastfeeding issues like sore nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis and low supply.

Baby can have extreme digestive discomfort from an intake of excessive air, whether breast or bottle feed.

Poor weight gains as baby, or infant, struggles to transfer milk appropriately, particularly when breastfeeding.

When older, depending on the degree of tie, some children have problems sounding out letters when speaking.

The space between the teeth created by a lip tie can contribute to faster tooth decay and inflammation of the gums, and tongue tie may make oral activities harder for your child.

This information changed the whole dynamic of what we did! It was the best thing that happened to us, after we really had given up hope! I can genuinely say that my depression and panic came from the hospital staff and my health visitor! Purely filled my head with false information and frightened me into overfeeding my baby in order to gain weight!

Miss L

pdf NZD$24.50

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