Burping & Gas Masterclass

A step-by-step guide to burp your baby well, reduce gas, stop pain, and foster better sleep for all.

amplify your baby's comfort

Is your baby in pain with gas?

What are the symptoms...

Do they have a bloated tummy, or are they bringing up milk regularly?

Are they pedalling their legs a lot, arching backwards, grunting, crying, or perhaps screaming for hours on end?

Do they experience a lot of hiccups, or flatulence, or struggle to pass stools?

They may not like to be lain down, and can only sleep on you or sleep from short sleep cycles throughout a good chunk of the day or night?

Is your instinct strongly telling you that this simply cannot be normal! There must be something that you can do?

Well, there is. There is A LOT that can be done, and this masterclass holds the answers you are looking for to stop all the discomfort, spilling and sleep less hours you are all experiencing.

Have you heard about your baby's...


They are a discovery that I stumbled on when desperately searching for answers for the upset baby's that I cared for as a Maternity Nurse (thirty odd years ago), on how trapped air in the stomach forms rudimentary newborn communication that aids five essential physiological developments for humans. 

When you learn to read and respond knowingly to these Wind-Cues, you begin to understand how to burp a baby well, and what they need in each moment. 

This information has long been lacking, even though it is fundamental to newborn care and can significantly reduce pain and restore sleep for babies.

My masterclass covers these cues, so you can learn how to, not only read them, but also solve the negative effects of an overabundance of trapped air and gas for your baby.

BabyCues Nature's Wind Sequence...

a step-by-step burping method...

...that has you burping your baby's pain away, healing colic, reflux, silent reflux, and the witching hour naturally, whilst understanding the cyclic mechanism of their trapped air.

By using the intentional, nurturing positions in right timing with your child’s Six-Wind-Cues, along with calming techniques to sooth your baby through each step of Nature's Wind Sequence, you will be able to support them in releasing a phenomenal amount of air from their stomach.

They will experience less intestinal cramping, explosive stools, constipation, bloating, flatulence and poonamis (monumental, unforgettable bowel movements). 

You’ll also witness:

  • less reflux symptoms
  • less colic symptoms
  • less witching hour symptoms
  • less crying
  • less grunting
  • less wheezing
  • less arching backwards

whilst fostering more sleep, and creating a bond of reciprocal understanding like no other between you and your baby.

Nature’s Wind Sequence is necessary education for all parents.



I am so excited to have met such an inspiring women like you Philippa, whom has really thought out of the box, and has proven to significantly help gassy babies and their stressed out mommies. I really hope you find a way for this very useful information to reach more people because far to many moms are struggling with this. I know I will be distributing your reasoning and scientific rational widely, and referring mothers to you for sure.


Why burping is important

Topics: the basic relationship between trapped air (aerophagia) and your child’s digestive function. You'll also learn the array of negative side effects and symptoms that your baby can exhibit when they retain air, along with discussing my original findings on the natural positive developments that the mechanism of air creates for all humans. 

Digestive Overload and the common cycle of trapped air

Topics: exploring the common cycle that trapped air takes through a newborns body, and the common daily care practices that contribute to an excess of this, which can cause colic, reflux, silent reflux, and the witching hour symptoms – or what I call Digestive Overload, the real cause of these behaviours.

Myths vs truth

Topics: an in-depth look at the mis-conceptions and mis-teaching of common daily care practices that hinder your child’s comfort, and cause more trapped air. Learn why they are illogical, why they don't serve our newborns, and glean some vital information on what is the alternative best practice, and why. 

Over-the-counter remedies and medicines

Topics: Let's talk about all those "remedies" that are currently marketed to parents and often prescribed for newborns because of the adverse symptoms caused by trapped air, or aerophagia. We will talk about the bad, the ugly and the wonderful. This truly is “must know” information for all parents, for some of these can affect the short and long term health of your baby.

Causes of air in the body

Topics: in-depth knowledge about the contributors of excess air forming in your baby’s body, inclusive of labour, diet, feeding patterns and technique. You will also learn the highly beneficial steps to take to eliminate each of these.

Optimum burping - when is best

Topics: this short module explores how many burps are ideal for each age and stage, along with when is best and easiest on baby to release those burps to reduce their stress, and yours. 

Nature's Wind Sequence in action

Topics: watch valuable, never seen before footage of me teaching you my successful method of Nature’s Wind Sequence from newborn to six months of age, with the lovely baby Tia, and her Mum Natalie. Together we will demonstrate all the positions and calming methods that aid the release of trapped air from the stomach, and bowel, while sharing my original discovery of the Six-Wind-Cues, something no one else in the world is teaching. Plus you'll get to see the full steps of Nature's Wind Sequence in action a number of times, in different scenarios like just after a feed, if baby is upset, night time burping, when baby wakes, and more.

Implementing Burping into your day

Topics: during this final module we will be talking through how to implement Nature’s Wind Sequence into your day, including burping directly after a feed, while nappy changing, out walking, bathing, and nighttime burping.


You can stop the causes...

We will define them together...

There are many causes for trapped air, and the production of gas, and understandably, as sleep deprived parents it's often hard to see the wood from the trees, and even if we could, the solutions can be an illusive puzzle. 

You may be questioning, is it something I am eating, is it the formula choice, the way I feed? Are their remedies I can give to help, or are the one’s I am giving - natural, over-the-counter, medication or otherwise - are they causing issues?

Through all my expertise, tools, and clinical research of thirty years as a Postnatal Practitioner, I am sure these questions of yours, and more, will be answered in this masterclass, and not only that, you’ll receive all you need to implement the solutions.

I know this because the information in this one-of-a-kind masterclass, that is designed for 0-6 month olds,  has already created comfort, and benefited thousands of newborns worldwide.


VIP BabyCues Circle Membership

Entry to the private BabyCues Circle for six months from the launch date of the masterclass, granting you access to three hours of simple to follow, interactive, research based training, along with the benefits that follow…

Video footage of Philippa showing you how to burp your baby well from newborn to six months with Tia, our baby model, and her Mum Natalie.

VIP access to BabyCues FAQ's Library where Philippa has answered hundreds of questions from other parents.

EXCLUSIVE access to Philippa's private BabyCues Circle Community on Facebook so you can feel supported by Philippa even further, while chatting with like-minded parents.

Over FIVE BONUS booklets, guides and resources that are invaluable for your baby's digestive and mental health.

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An incredible price for comfort

What Selina would like you to know

I can't recommend Philippa enough to any parent whom has a baby that is struggling with gas and digestive discomfort. There is an answer that doesn't involve multiple medications or dietary supplements and it's demystifies what has otherwise seemed like complete blind guesses by doctors, and old wives' tales.

Thank you so, so, so much for teaching me how to burp my baby. She used to cry day and night for months, but you changed her completely. She is a happy child now. Thank you for cutting through the BS and for all your hard work. We don't know where we would be without you. It doesn't bare thinking about.

Proven Burping Techniques that SOOTH AND CEASE baby gas SYMPTOMS NATURALLY

Your free gift...

When you order you will be gifted information and solutions for one of the common causes of trapped air. While I hope you won't need this resource, for some newborns do not have this issue, the majority sadly do. So why wait? Define this for your child today. You'll learn:

  • what to do about it, as soon as you sign up!
  • step-by-step guidance that offers the professional grading tools used to evaluate whether this is a concern for your child, all of which you can use yourself
  • An extensive list of questions to ask your professional to know that your baby is in the right hands
  • Practices for optimal recovery



Q: What makes your information on burping different to what I have already heard from other health professionals?

A: A LOT! This content is like no other. Much of what you will learn in this course either shines a light on the discrepancies about current teachings on how to burp a baby and trapped wind, or are my original findings that are now helping thousands of newborns around the world feel so much more comfortable. Many parents describe this information as 'life changing'.



When will I get access to the masterclass if I purchased during the presale limit offer period?

You will get access to BabyCues VIP Circle straight away, and there you will find your first free bonus booklet and your 50% OFF my BabyCues Prevent & Remedy Book. Then on the 5th of September you will be notified that access has opened to the masterclass itself and you can start it whenever you choose from that date. But remember, it is only available for six months from the 5th of September.



Q: Will this work for me and my baby? You hear so often that each baby is different, so how do you know that this will help what my baby is going through?

A: This will work for your baby because all of the information is based on a newborns innate cues and digestive biology. However, it is also fair to say that yes, each baby is different from the perspective that each family will have to puzzle together which of the solutions within the masterclass are specific to their situation e.g. some breastfed babies may be trying to cope with fast let down so this needs fixed for them, but not for others. But holistically, this masterclass is invaluable for all families to know for all newborns experiencing trapped gas and need to be burped well.



Q:How long will I have access to the content? Will the masterclass expire?

A: My wish is that you have the best opportunity possible to listen, learn and implement this knowledge to help your baby and you, so to enable that, this masterclass is available to you for six months via your BabyCues Circle VIP membership.



Q: How much time will I need to set aside to complete the full course?

A: The masterclass is split into modules and within those modules are specific subjects, making it easy for you to pick up where you left off at any time, and because you have access to the masterclass for six months you can mold it into your own timing. You can also dip into it when you need answers about your situation with your baby in the moment.



Q: Will I miss out on anything if I buy now but have to watch all of the recordings later?

A: You won’t miss out on anything. You will still receive access to all of the class content, emailed bonus material and full access to everything related to this masterclass and the VIP BabyCues Circle. 



Q: I’m not tech savvy. Is it going to be easy to access everything and ask questions if I have any?

A: Absolutely. So simple. I will send you reminders, link access to the actual masterclass, and a link to connect you to your login page for the BabyCues Circle, where you will clearly see the FAQ Library and where you can ask me a question if you can't find it in the library. It’s easy as.


“We are eternally grateful to you Philippa. Our little girl was seriously a windbag for the first month of her life. It brought her so much anguish, and obvious pain. The amount of time we spent pacing before we found you, and your wind sequence. A remarkable difference. We now get to see her little personality.

Thank you. Forever, thank you.”


  • Freebies include a surprise download on sign up, and then access to BabyCues Ceasearean and Induction Booklet, Feeding Volumes and Weight Guide, Nature's Wind Sequence Infographic and more.
  • Causes and remedies of trapped air ranging from breast, bottle and formula feeding, medications, natural remedies (including those that can help) and many top tips.
  • Access to my FAQ Library, where I have answered a-many-a-parents questions.
  • 50% off my Prevent and Remedy colic, reflux, lactose and Dairy Overload eBook - aka Digestive Overload the natural causes of these symptoms.

Hello, and welcome...

I’m Philippa Murphy, a colic and reflux specialist, postnatal practitioner, educator, speaker, author, Mum, step-mum, detail attentive newborn and infant activist.

I developed the online Burping & Gas Masterclass for parents like you, because there is a lack of logical, research based, up-to-date information available around how to burp a baby effectively, and reduce trapped wind.

It really is time that a relevant, biology-based approach was shared with parents who are concerned about their baby being in pain and not sleeping.

To much heartache comes from not knowing these integral skills. And to many exquisite moments of baby's development remain unseen to the parents that do not know about the instrumental, positive effects of trapped air in the body, like the Six-Wind-Cues. We need to open our parenting, and professional minds further to nature's gifts - for the relationship of air is truly astounding!

However, when it is excessive because of what parents are being, or not being taught, well then we have a universal injustice for our young. And given I have been the fortunate recipient of these discoveries, I feel that it is my duty to share what the newborns have shown me to correct this injustice. Especially because it's truly life changing for them!

So let's stop the suffering and uplift the remarkable, for we know more about trapped air and gas in a newborn's body than ever before, and they deserve more. 



You are about to get your hands on the tools that my followers have been asking for since the launch of my top selling book! With many "Ooohhh, that makes sense" moments throughout, it's like having a private Burping Consultation with me, but with so much more - as I cover EVERYTHING I KNOW about gas, and trapped air for newborns.


  • Freebies include a surprise download on sign up, and then access to BabyCues Ceasearean and Induction Booklet, Feeding Volumes and Weight Guide, Baby Poop Booklet, Nature's Wind Sequence Infographic and more.
  • Causes and remedies of trapped air ranging from breast, bottle and formula feeding, medications, natural remedies (including those that can help) and many top tips.
  • Access to my FAQ Library, where I have answered a-many-a-parents questions.
  • 50% off my Prevent and Remedy colic, reflux, lactose and Dairy Overload eBook - aka Digestive Overload the natural causes of these symptoms.



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