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Breastfeeding Diet Guide

Are you wondering if what your eating is effecting your baby's comfort? Do you wonder what foods are best to avoid to keep yourself and your baby digestively balanced, while maintaining nutritional needs. If this sounds like you, or you simply want to provide the best for your baby, and what Mum doesn't, then this guide is for you.

What you eat effects your baby's feeding, burping, stools and sleep.

This booklet walks you through the research, while providing you lists on the grains, meats, fish, vegetables, fruits and supplements that are best to eat and avoid to reduce the symptoms of Digestive Overload - my original discovery on the cause of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour and lactose and dairy overload. I also share the research on alcohol consumption while breastfeeding, and my suggestions so you can make an informed decision of what's right for you.

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Foster Gut Health

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 Imagine knowing that you are eating the best for yourself AND your baby. Imagine you have the tools to know when something may not be agreeing with them. Imagine the health you can create. So why wait? This guide truly does provide you those things and more. 

I kept getting told by my GP and lactation consultant that it didn't matter what I ate, and that I could basically eat anything. It wasn't until I had a consultation with Philippa that I learned how much my diet was contributing to my sons pain, and rashes. He went from writhing and grunting, not sleeping well to being way more content with her advice. I can't thank Philippa enough for giving us back our good times. 


pdf NZD$24.50

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