Breastfeeding Diet Guide

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Breastfeeding Diet Guide

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If you want to confidently eat without worry that your food is upsetting your baby, then this guide is for you. So many Mums are told that their breastfeeding diet doesn't matter - to simply eat the healthiest known diet. However, time and time in my BabyCues Clinic I observe notable differences for newborns when the diet of the mother is critiqued and some of the foods that I suggest mothers eliminate are those that others say to have as it will increase supply. 

The contents in this booklet includes:

  • The research
  • Top tips
  • Healthy diet overview
  • Grains, wheat, pulses
  • Fish and meat
  • Vegetables you can eat
  • Vegetables to avoid
  • Fruits to eat and avoid
  • Alcohol
  • Supplements
  • Resources

There is much that needs to change within this scope for our newborns for doing so can aid the healing of colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour and lactose and dairy overload symptoms, and even have parents avoiding these if they were equipped with this knowledge before birth.

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