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Millions of infants are unnecessarily feeling uncomfortable and in pain under the guise that colic and reflux cannot be healed naturally, when it can. Help alleviate this distress, and reduce the survival mode scenarios for families, by sharing and supporting the proven, natural solutions that have already reduced this dis-ease for thousands of newborns around the world.

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It is estimated that 33,000,000 newborns suffer with colic, and 90,000,000 experience varying degrees of reflux symptoms every year! Every year! This is a dis-ease pandemic with disastrous magnitude, generating excruciating pain, misery, desperation, despair, and for some, long term health complications. Our infants deserve waaaaaaaay better! Their present pathway toward masking symptoms rather than remedying them, has to be over.

Well-intentioned but misdirected, deep-rooted, consequential teachings and often unnecessary medications are contributing to this suffering. But gratefully, we now have solutions that embrace the holistic truth of biology and have already proven to achieve outstanding results for thousands. So, let's not wait any longer to evoke this part of our evolution within healthcare that can stand the test of time as it creates epic transformations. Keep scrolling to see how we can join together for this accessible and timely transformation.


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As the founder of this much needed Infant Led Evolution, with thirty years of watching ill advice grow, and non-sensical beliefs become gospel, while our newborns health increasingly bares the brunt of this, I’m here to say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Inconsolable crying of a newborn can be one of the most depleting emotional and physical experiences in the early stages of parenthood, both for a newborn’s progressive development and a parent’s overall well-being.

Our children are screaming out for us to change our ways. We cannot let their cries go unheard, AND we do not have too either for we can now heal these awful scenarios naturally for our children. We can also prevent them from happening with fuller prenatal education. 

Thankfully, I’ve found some answers and healing pathways for the true causes of the symptoms of colic, reflux, and silent reflux and we can now, globally stop this unnecessary suffering. 

So for them, are you with me?


Philippa x


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parent support available


Described by many parents as revolutionary, and helping thousands around the world, this self-help book will have you understanding your newborns wind cues, and how to burp them like never before. A perfect bible for any parent with a newborn to six month old, this book has proven findings and practical know-how that fosters natural digestive balance while also healing colic and reflux symptoms naturally.


BabyCues Bio-logical Weaning Guide holds a much needed, infant centered approach on how to introduce solids from six months to two years of age. Aligning with World Health Organisation recommendations, it is underpinned by the ingenious philosophy of Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow. Combining the best of the current methods of Baby-led Weaning and Traditional Purees, whilst leading the way with comprehensive wisdom, and research that decisively entwines with nature and the developing digestive system of an infant.

breastfeeding diet booklet


If you want to confidently eat without worry that your food is upsetting your baby, then this guide is for you. So many Mums are told that their breastfeeding diet doesn't matter - to simply eat the healthiest known diet. However, time and time in my BabyCues Clinic I observe notable differences when diet, inclusive of food, supplements and drinks.

tongue & lip tie booklet

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and with my training undertaken with the well-known Dr. Ghaheri, an ENT surgeon, I witness many Digestive Overload symptoms that are caused by tongue and lip ties. I also see many of these being mis-diagnosed, so wanted to provide parents with the professional tools to achieve a preliminary check, along with the best pathway for treatment.

feeding volumes & weight

Often the recommended volumes that parents are told to feed or are listed on formula cans are above what the newborn's or infant's stomach can hold and process. This results in Digestive Overload symptoms. So, this guide outlines the amounts to feed a newborn and infant, up to one year of age, when nurturing with BabyCues Bio-logical Feeding methods.

natural vaccination remedies

Whilst the reactions to childhood vaccinations wouldn't be groups within Digestive Overload causes, I do feel these natural remedies for the symptoms of vaccinations help considerably, so wanted to share it here for you that choose to go ahead with vaccinations.

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Join the growing number of parents that are now watching their child live the life they imagined - a comfortable, calmer life - after chatting with Philippa via an online consultation. Receive insight into your child’s individual causes for their symptoms, while acquiring a tailored approach for healing. Online, international consultations are available for the ages of newborn to two years of age.


Receive three of my top tips for reducing trapped air, thus helping you and your baby right now. These tips turn ingrained thinking about burping on their head, but gosh, do they make logical sense! I hope you find them helpful, and I’ll see you in your inbox, as you get the benefit of receiving exclusive information, giveaways and tips.



Visit BabyCues Library to access real life stories, recommendations, investigations, research that parents don't tend to hear and tips and tricks from Philippa, a leading specialist in her field. This really is a library index like no other!


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I want you to know Philippa that your knowledge on reflux is undeniably the most sensible I have heard since my baby’s birth. And I have had two lactation consultants, my midwife and doctors advising me. Yours has taken my son from a screaming ball of pain to a smilier. Keep up the wonderful, needed work. I will be letting others know about you.

Learning from Philippa was invaluable with my colic and reflux newborn. I have given my sister the same info and she’s having success too, and has avoided the endless hours of screaming. I’ll be forever grateful for finding Philippa and following her advice. She is amazing!

I love how responsive and loving the advice is, and all the burping tricks - life changing! I will be passing this information down to my daughters. You have a very keen observational eye Philippa, and your so logical. It all just makes sense. Thank you.

i know that you no longer have to wait

there is a lot you can do

How do I know that?

Because I have been where you most likely are now - perhaps holding a screaming baby, searching for help, trying a multitude of different things, with none of them truly working for a good period of time, without side effects, in a healthy way.

I have felt that helplessness, that desperation to simply stop the child’s pain, but not know what to do next.

Working as a Maternity Nurse in my mid twenties, feeling so totally fed up with the so called ‘treatment’ strategies offered in the UK for colic and reflux, my desperation to stop the suffering in my arms, birthed the solutions and original discoveries that now help thousands around the world.

My intuition screamed within me - nature cannot have gotten this so wrong. And over time, through my observation of so many newborns, moving from one family to the next and having the privilege of mostly working with twins, it was the newborns themselves that gifted me the answers that confirmed...

Nature does know what it was doing. It‘s us that has many things wrong, but it is not to late!


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