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Remedies for Vaccinations

If you have chosen to give your child any of the standard childhood vaccinations on offer, then I also suggest you use the three homeopathic remedies in this booklet that help reduce symptoms.

use the power of nature's remedies

In my earlier career I had the fortune to work with a very well-known celebrity, of whom I cannot share the name. But during my time of living in with them, supporting them and their baby, they employed a homeopath for various aspects of their child’s care, inclusive of the administering of the standard vaccinations.
After seeing numerous newborns go through their vaccinations with varying symptoms, compared to what I witnessed with this child, I spoke to the homeopath and asked whether these remedies could be used for all newborns. Her response, “I wish they were.” Since that day I have advised these remedies to many parents, and the comparison of use, opposed to non-use is very telling.
Now it’s time to share them more widely, with the wish that they can aid more children through the symptoms that vaccinations can cause. However, do know that I am not a qualified Homeopath, nor a medical professional. So PLEASE DO consult with your trusted medical provider beforehand. It's in your hands. I have never seen any obvious side effects from these remedies, however, each case is individual. When I share this kind of information, it's from my experience. One that has been generously helpful in the cases I have seen. But in no way is it from a medical standpoint.

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