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This is where we inspirit preventative measures by calling for and empowering pregnant parents with more in-depth postnatal, practical know-how so they can provide optimal health outcomes for themselves and baby.

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Currently there is very limited postnatal education being offered to parents while they are pregnant, despite the fact that this is leading to deprivation within mental health and parenting is such a critical role, with newborns being our most vulnerable population. Imagine if you, the parents were given more wisdom. Would that have helped? I think so too, as do many others that are joining this Prenatal Evolution. 

By providing exceptional, focused, in-depth training for the most important years of development, before baby is birthed, we can harness highly beneficial health and wellbeing outcomes for the whole family as we reduce stress, which we know reduces dis-ease. We can also connect with heightened levels of intuitive, empowering respectful, logical, responsive nurturing of our newborns.

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I have been campaigning for change in preventative prenatal education for over ten years now. In 2016 I launched a not-for-profit organisation that delivered postnatal education to pregnant parents, and in 2017 I partnered with UNICEF to campaign our New Zealand government to provide full funding for this education for expectant parents.

This campaign for prenatal education continues my wish for parents to feel empowered, for I believe knowledge is liberating, understanding nurtures relationships, informed choice creates confidence and that all families deserve this, so they can created stable environments and positive mental and physical health for their family. The lack of this is not acceptable.

Enough is enough!


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Far too many birthing mothers are not taught basic strategies and in-home treatments to enable the best chance for optimum recovery after birth, let alone know some simple care practices for the first few weeks of life. This booklet provides some of those missing pieces and will enable you to feel more empowered with some basic, soothing remedies that can make all the difference to those early postpartum days and weeks.


After my personal experience of strongly being advised to have a induction at 40-years-old, I feel it's important that all mother's are informed about the possible side effects of induction and caeserean medication, so you can make an informed choice. You'll also find a list of essential questions to ask your birthing professional if/when an induction or caesarean is offered.



Described by many parents as revolutionary, this self-help book will have you understanding your newborns wind cues, and how to burp them, from the first moments you hold them. A perfect bible for any parent-to-be this book has proven findings and practical know-how that fosters natural digestive balance while also healing Digestive Overload symptoms naturally.


Learning what can affect your baby's digestive system and comfort within your diet while pregnant is invaluable for you all. Whilst you may hear that "what you eat doesn't matter" my clinical research shows otherwise. Infact, my thirty years' experience have shown that categorically the breastfeeding diet matters for all newborns.


I personally wish that tongue and lip tie was checked as a standard by trained professionals at birth for it can, in my opinion, cause so many issues for both the newborn and Mum's if they would like to breastfeed. So, empowering yourself with the knowledge that can cause comfort for your baby is only advantageous, and this guide does just that.


Often the recommended volumes that parents are told to feed or are listed on formula cans are above what the newborn's or infant's stomach can hold and process. This results in Digestive Overload symptoms. So, this guide outlines the amounts to feed a newborn and infant, up to one year of age, when nurturing with BabyCues Bio-logical Feeding methods.

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Use this code "receive" when you fill your cup with any of the BabyCues Books, booklets, or masterclasses to receive your 10% gift.

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Join the growing number of pregnant parents that have chatted with Philippa via a online consultation so they can be better informed and confident with the care they have chosen to provide on the birth of their baby. Consultations are also available for the ages of newborn to two years of age.


Oh the pleasure of shopping for baby. So much fun and sometimes a minefield to know what is needed. One can spend a lot on gadgets and clothing that may never be used, so I have created a list of ‘must haves’ to help you shop smart for your new bundle of joy.



Visit the BabyCues Library to access real life stories, recommendations, investigations, research that parents don't tend to hear and tips and tricks from Philippa, a leading specialist in her field. This really is a library index like no other!


BabyCues social channels provides you with simple logic, and innovative education, inspired by parents like you, and the newborns that need our help. Oh, and thirty years of gleaned knowledge that needs to be shared.

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For anyone with a baby, or a baby on the way, this needs to be in your tool box! We finally saw a light in what was a bleak place. We’re over a year down the track now, and continue to find the knowledge gained from BabyCues indispensable and invaluable.

I hope your insight and knowledge gets rolled out nationally Philippa. Seeing the difference between our first child, when we were only learnt a little bit about breastfeeding at our antenatal class, to taking your course before our second child was born, has been light years apart. Thanks for giving us a happier home.

You have blessed us beyond measure Philippa. I hope that your information finds it’s way into all new mother’s hands before they have their precious baby, so they don’t reach the crises point that we have reached with all our babies before finding you. You are a gem!

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How do I know that?

Because I spend my days watching parents and newborns in a place of struggle and despair that no family should endure. Yes, some families experience more than others, but in both instances the lighter, enjoyable postnatal moments can become fragmented. Life can be overtaken with a search for the ‘thing’ that will make the baby happy, or stop the side effects of a situation. So often families are left to wait it out until the midwife, health visitor, or lactation consultant arrives when really the information that helps is relatively simple, and could have been provided prenatally. Thus enabling parents to help their baby, and themselves when needed. This can greatly limit stress and potentially many postnatal issues for both Mum and baby.

These issues consist of, but are not limited to mastitis, engorged breasts, fast flow, over supply, overfeeding, colic, reflux, silent reflux, the witching hour, lactose and dairy overload, excess trapped wind and gas, and constipation. The awful side effects of the many ‘remedies’, formula’s, and medications that are often prescribed at such young ages to 'heal' issues could be avoided to. By providing more knowledge, parents could make empowered choices about formula and/or breastfeeding diet, then knowing they are not contributing to their baby’s discomfort - such a gift to take that stress away. As is teaching them how to feed a bottle, express, store milk and increase supply in a healthy way. Gosh, there is just so much more we could be teaching.

Fully focused, dedicated postnatal education in the prenatal stages equips parents, which then uplifts newborn wellbeing, development and parenting relationships. It is a must in postnatal healthcare, and I believe that together we can make it happen.


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