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Written for all parents, BabyCues is a revolutionary self-help parenting book that delivers original, proven findings and practical know-how to help parents achieve natural digestive balance for their newborn throughout their first six months of life. This book is perfect if you want to learn how to nurture alongside your child’s natural digestive biology, while confidently understanding and being able to respond to their full array of cues. It will also help you to reduce, if not eliminate the abnormal behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose overload, dairy overload and inconsolable crying as it relays the natural causes of these behaviours, and steps you through the solutions.

Nurturing families through myths, conundrums, remedies and biological facts, BabyCues unveils - for the first time ever – a baby’s innate relationship with trapped air in the stomach and the mechanism of this forming the author’s discovery of their innate Six-Wind-Cues. All of which fosters care that is logical, responsive, respectful and intimate, thus stimulating positive mental and physical development for your child. 

This simple read, and candid guide, helps cultivate a choice of care that is based on common sense and dependable ‘life-logical’ solutions. These reacquaint us with the fact....

there is a manual for all babies. We call it biology: Mother Nature calls it life.

Learn the causes of upset behaviour, ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ communication, the digestive capabilities of a newborn, practical feeding, winding and sleep techniques, helpful calming methods, and a new understanding on what forms a baby‘s cues and what they are really saying. You will also read about Philippa’s New Zealand Survey on Colic and Reflux and the parent’s personal accounts of these behaviours.

“I feel empowered. Now I have the tools to sooth my baby.”

“The best decision I made for my boys was to trust in this.”

“I can’t believe I wasn’t taught this. It’s so important.”

“I can now understand what my daughter needs.”

“The change in my little girl was instant.”

“What a salvation for parents.”

“All parents should read this.”

“Finally it all makes sense.”

“Your words are like gold.”

“What a godsend.”

3 Reviews

on 02 February 2022
Hello! I felt the need to reach out and let you know that reading the article on lactose overload has been nothing short of life changing for my baby and I. She is my second child, my rainbow baby after a devastating miscarriage and she is (was) TOUGH. My son on the other hand, was the easiest baby of all time, nursed like a champ, was truly always happy and easy to figure out. Not my Evie girl though. She came into the world like a fury and has thrown me for a loop since day one. She would scream for hours every night. The only way I knew to help screaming babies was nurse, nurse, nurse. I read about colic constantly. About how babies “can’t feel pain” and you just need to wait it out and she will get better with time. I just could not accept this. I knew she was in pain. Her stomach was hurting her badly, I knew the answer was not to just wait for months. I needed to figure out my baby and reconnect to her. I tried giving up dairy but I knew that was really just a shot in the dark and not the answer. Her poop was lime green and after googling all night long out of desperation I began reading about lactose overload. I came across your article and I have never read something that so accurately described every symptom she had. She is so content now. I know that when she fusses at night it’s mostly due to being extra sleepy, not hungry. I can’t believe that such an easy fix worked so quickly. I now have a happy, smiley baby and I feel so proud and connected to her. As I’m writing this I’m tearing up. It has been such a rough couple months and we are on the other side of it and I cannot thank you enough for caring enough to put this information out there. I wish more pediatricians had this knowledge. I’m so grateful for you and the work you’ve done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
on 28 December 2021
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Our poor baby had been suffering for 3 weeks with “witching hour” and “purple” crying and my husband and I were at the end of our wits. Our baby had been spitting up A LOT and screaming each evening inconsolably for hours. Each medical professional we asked told us this is normal and started suggesting pharmacy remedies. It didn’t make sense to me that a newborn baby with seemingly good health otherwise should need medication but we were desperate. The medication did not help. We were told baby was cluster feeding so we were told to feed often. I remarked to my husband jokingly that I felt I was force feeding our baby. That night, desperate after the screaming started I realised that it looked like she needed to poop. After a google I found a baby cues article and everything clicked! We bought the electronic version straight away so that there would be no delay. As we were reading it between feeds we could immediately apply what we were learning and saw an improvement straight away. We bought the paperback also as this can sit on our coffee table and help us as we need to refresh on information as she grows. Now when people see her they remark how placid and relaxed she is which I know is only down-to this book and following it as closely as possible! Thank you Phillipa!
on 08 August 2021
This book has literally changed my life! I can’t believe you don’t get this information before you become a parent. This is a MUST for any parent who is struggling with their little ones sleep and/or digestion. After implementing the Nature’s Wind Sequence and some of the other techniques on the first day, my little one had his longest stretch of sleep at night with no early morning digestive discomfort and waking. Highly recommend!

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