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Care After Birth

Foster a healthy recovery from birth, and empower holistic care for both Mum and baby with this comprehensive guide that provides natural remedies and specific information for the first couple of weeks after birth.

Far too many birthing mothers are not taught basic strategies and in-home treatments to enable the best chance for optimum recovery after birth, let alone know some simple care practices for the first few weeks of life.
This booklet provides some of those missing pieces.

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"Why is this booklet not given out by hospitals and midwives? From a Mum on her third time around, it so needs to be! The natural remedies in here are so soothing and I'm gutted I didn't know about them for my first two births! I'm sure I would have healed quicker, or at least in a more comfortable way. I'm telling all my preggie friends that these expertise are a must have."




the basic checks that are completed after birth

normal and abnormal levels of weight gain for baby

how to care for the umbilical cord

feeding that fosters comfort and optimal growth for
breastfeeding and bottle feeding, inclusive of steps for
advantageous latching and appropriate feeding amounts

overview of a healthy breastfeeding diet,
expressing and storage of breast milk

how important burping is and how much to release
to create comfort

required developmental sleep for each age and their real tired cues

what are normal and abnormal physical occurrences after birth for Mum and what to do for them, inclusive of bleeding, caesarean healing, baby blues, postnatal depression and more

alleviate breastfeeding problems like blocked ducts, mastitis,
cracked nipples and thrush without medication and harsh creams

heal caesarean scar tissue well

sooth your perineum

a healing spray for hemorrhoids

learn about the signs of tongue and lip ties

what to do for cradle cap and bad nappy rash

learn what type of skin rashes are okay

pdf NZD$24.50

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I got this guide when I did Philippa’s Postnatal Masterclass course, and it was one of the first things I packed into my hospital bag. That and her BabyCues Book. Really Mums, you can’t go wrong with any of Philippa’s work. She really is an amazing teacher, and I just know that with her stuff, my daughter and I are in good hands.



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“A great overview with some handy tips that helped me.”

“Had some things that I hadn’t even though of.”

“I felt more relaxed knowing these things”

“What a compact, helpful guide to have.”

“I so did not know that about thrush!”

“I’m getting one for my midwife.”

“This saved me time searching.”

“Loved the spray!”

“A solid guide.”

pdf NZD$24.50

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