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Bio-logical Care

Nurture your baby within their natural digestive capacities and capabilities while understanding and responding knowingly to their full array of cues, thus enhancing their natural development.

What is Bio-loGICAL CARE

Bio-logical Care takes what is widely known as responsive care, or demand care to a new level by embracing the proven, scientific knowledge about a child’s digestive development from newborn to six months, then twenty-seven years of clinical research, and my discovery of a universal baby language that I have coined the Six-Wind-Cues, to form a calm, healthy start to life for our young.
When we understand, recognise and respond to a newborn's cues fully, while also learning how to nurture alongside their basic, natural digestive function, we foster a new and invaluable degree of demand care that truly is baby led, while birthing an intimate relationship like no other.
We can also, for the first time ever eliminate colic, reflux, silent reflux, the so called witching hour, and lactose and dairy overload NATURALLY for our young.

Dr Mangan - MBChB DCH MRCGP RNZCGP and Mother

I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of "reflux". BabyCues book is a beautifully written practical guide on how to cope with a desperately unsettled baby. As a GP I particularly liked the emphasis on the size of babies stomach and the implications of persistent over feeding and I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of "reflux".

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a real, natural soluTion

For the first time ever, we now have a real solution to eliminate the behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload for our young. One that is natural, adaptable and is highly proven to show results time and time again for families around the worldwide. How? By teaching parents and health professionals…

how to nurture the baby, the infant alongside their natural digestive capabilities and capacities, while responding to the cues that are largely based on digestive function – especially in the first six months of life.

Currently, sadly, a lot of the care practices that are taught to parents, particularly around feeding and burping, are contributing greatly to the causes of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload – or what I call Digestive Overload the cause of these behaviours. They also form:

  • what is widely known as the ‘witching hour’, which is not normal by the way
  • the belief that ‘cluster feeding’ is natural, when it is commonly one of the creators of unsettled behaviour for our newborns
  • 45 minute sleep cycles that are now also being taught as ‘normal’ newborn behaviour, when this is far from the case
  • unhealthy, large weight gains, with many a health professional celebrating this when this is actually one of the reasons baby can be unsettled.

Parents are also being taught that all of these behaviours and symptoms occur because ‘our newborns are born with an immature digestive system.’ But this simply is not the case. They are born with a perfect functioning digestive system for their age and stage, and it’s up to us to learn how to nurture within their divinely gifted digestive system.

As one mother that adopted Bio-logical Care for her baby once said to me, “just because it’s common doesn’t make it normal.” Twenty odd years ago, when I started in this field these happenings were considered anything but normal. If they were happening then something was wrong! Something was out of balance for the child, and we worked hard to ascertain what it was. But back then, as it is still today, there were sadly only band-aid approaches for the symptoms of colic and reflux and we continuously heard that we just had to wait for baby to grow out of it – this was a huge part of my drive to find the answers because I just couldn’t believe nature could get this so wrong.

Since then I have watched mis-leading teachings grow over the years. Teachings that have sadly morphed into ‘facts’ because they have been said so often. Watching this was and is heartbreaking, but that has become my fuel to create a louder voice on behalf of our newborns and infants. The BabyCues book is a part of that fight and commitment for them.

For when we fully understand the newborns digestive system, and the communication that flourishes from this, we consistently discover that this misinformation is creating Digestive Overload for our young, which is the actual cause of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload. A cause that can be healed naturally.

No need for medication. No need for the mental and physical debris that an unsettled baby can feel and create in a family. But a great need for change in the way we care for our children in the first year of life in order to harness the best possible outcome for their physical and mental development.

It is up to us, their guardians, to change our way of nurturing them so Digestive Overload no longer exists for them. This is now highly obtainable.

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"The seed of Bio-logical Care was birthed from a rising frustration in the lack of answers and ‘cures’ being offered for our innocent newborns, and a deep, urgent need to help those that I spent nurturing as a Maternity Nurse in my early career. At this time I specialised in the care of newborn twins, living in with families, working 24 hours a day, six days a week.

During this time I had the pleasure of constantly observing newborn communication, and soon discovered that much of what the babies were saying, whether calm or upset, was closely related to movement in their digestive tract. Thus my discovery of a baby's Six-Wind-Cues. 

I then had the opportunity to study our early digestive biology and the connection of this with our early brain development. Combining all of this together I suddenly found I could naturally reduce, if not eliminate colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload naturally. I have now been achieving this, worldwide for 16 of my 27 year career."

Philippa x