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What Parents Say...



Each of the parents below gave me the grace of believing in my logic, and I can never thank them enough for the ways that they touched my heart, and the sharing that they now gift you within their experience.

the parents perspective
they are calling for new ways

"Your knowledge needs to literally be worldwide! I wish I had known this with my first son. The holistic approach helps so much more than most medical professionals. Thank you. Your work is amazing."

"I'm shocked and saddened that what Philippa taught me is not common knowledge amongst mothers or the medical community."

"Seriously, every midwife needs to give their clients this information."

"This information is possibly one of the most important contributions to newborn/infant health and wellbeing that I have ever come across."

Bio-logical Care

Raeanna with Kinsley : four weeks old


Bio-logical Care and Weaning

Selina with Blake : four months old

Bio-logical Solids Weaning

Olivia with Billie : six months old

Bio-logical Care

Randi with Dallas : six weeks old

Bio-logical Care

Alex with Milo : 5 weeks