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Whether your baby is feeling a little or greatly unsettled within their days, there is often a lot that can be adjusted to elevate comfort and calm, simply because the coaching I provide is specialised and somewhat outside the realms of what most parents are currently, widely being taught. Weeding out these falsities with you, from the perspective of your infant’s specific situation, will provide you with logical, responsive care that genuinely transforms symptoms, so you can fully live your envisioned postnatal journey to the full.

Consultation process and fees...

1. make booking
2. receive email with available appointments
3. confirm appointment time via email
4. receive Zoom and booking fee payment link
5. pay booking fee before our chat
6. consultation

Please note that the fees outlined below are charged in your currency for NZD, AUD, USD, CAN, EUR, GBP E.g. GBP£110.00 or USD$110.00 per hour). All other currencies will receive an outline of fees in your confirmation email. 

  • My hourly rate is 110.00 and most consultations go for 1 ½ hours which is 165.00 payable upfront, given this is a virtual consultation. Any time after the 1 ½ hours is an additional fee, calculated on my hourly rate, but more often than not, the 1 ½ hours is all that's needed.

  • After our consultation you will receive your individual notes with all you need to create a smoother pathway for your child from birth. These are an additional charge of 80.00.

  • You will also receive a free recorded copy of our consultation to watch as many times as you like for three weeks.

  • Your cancellation fee is 60.00 but we can always postpone if something comes up for you, and I would of course refund the difference of your booking fee back to you if you do cancel.

  • In summary, the usual fee would be 245.00 (1 ½ hours consultation + follow-up-notes.)


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Fill in the form and keep an eye out in your email inbox for your confirmation email, which will have Philippa's available appointments for you to choose a suitable time to chat, and a secure link to pay your booking fee.

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This information should be shared with every parent in the world

Kerri and Jerry

The information Philippa teaches should be something shared to every expectant parent around the world! It is instinctive, natural and caring. I wish I had this information on hand for my first and am very thankful that I found her for endless support with my second.

Kerri and Jerry

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