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Welcome to this safe space where DIGESTIVE HEALTH and COMFORT for your little one is my wish, and completely possible, through 1:1 support that simply makes sense.

life-logical : cue-led : natural : evidence-based

Symptoms I relieve/define...

Irritability, grizzling, inconsolable crying, screaming, frequent feeding, refusing feeds, fussy eating, gulping when feeding, posseting/refluxing, tongue and lip ties, weight imbalance, bloating, distended stomach, cramps, excessive gas, painful bowel motions, diarrhea, constipation, mucous in stools or green stools, unsettled or erratic sleep, arching backwards, excess writhing, wriggling, pedaling legs, skin rashes like eczema, and consistent hiccupping.

As an awarded Postnatal & Infant Gut Health Practitioner, Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Nutritional Health Coach, four-time author, and a blessed Mum, I'm here for you.

with thirty years clinical experience You are in great hands...

"We parents all deserve to go beyond "managing"
our child's symptoms to truly finding the causes and
then gleaning the results with a sustainable, gentle,
progressive approach."

Topics we can cover...

Evidence based and clinically proven preventative practices for the causes and symptoms of Digestive Overload and step-by-step solutions.

Breastfeeding concerns and diet, bottle feeding, formula choices, thickeners, weaning acid medication, probiotics, best feeding practices, tongue and lip ties, burping, reflux, silent reflux, colic, witching hour, and cow’s milk protein intolerance.

Natural remedies, personalised daily patterns, calming techniques, emotional balance, responding to your newborns cues, nurturing digestive health, creating developmental sleep, normal behaviours, healthy solid food options, quantity and textures, how much variety, fussy eating, homemade meals, commercial food, and fostering nutritional balance through understanding the development of your infant's digestive system, which requests that we nurture them within their plain + slow unfolding.

1:1 consultations

Prenatal consult

postnatal information

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Postnatal consult

ages 0-6 months

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Solids consult

ages 6-24 months

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I'll meet you where you are at, whether you require help with...

  • transforming your baby's "colic", "reflux", silent reflux, lactose overload, the witching hour, and some cases of mis-diagnosed cow's milk protein intolerance symptoms - or what I call Digestive Overload, the real cause of these symptoms.

  • weaning your baby off acid inhibitors while relieving the causes that had you trying these to help your baby in the first place.

  • anything on breast or bottle feeding, including digestively appropriate volumes and feeding patterns, breastfeeding diet, avoiding mastitis (natural remedy provided), increasing supply, oversupply, fast let downs, appropriate formulas, best bottlefeeding practices.

  • defining tongue and or lip tie issues with my training undertaken through the renowned Dr Ghaheri.

  • nurturing baby with nutritious solids that are conducive to their age-appropriate digestive development rather than a practice like baby-led weaning which negatively impacts digestive health.

  • developing settled sleep patterns that are beyond 45-minute sleep cycles, which are not ideal.

You're not in this alone...

Let's navigate this together...
with my clear process for nurturing solutions

01 Share your situation
Choose either the Prenatal, Postnatal or Solids Consultation and after completing the form, keep an eye on your inbox for an email from me with all the details for our consultation, including the fee and my availability, which will be in line with your currency and time zone. 

02 Confirm booking
On emailing me to confirm one of the consultation times, you will receive a payment link for your booking fee and be sent a Zoom link, which you will click on at the time of our consultation. This enters you into our safe space where you can gain clarity, ask questions, and compile the best health pathway for your child and family. 

03 After care
I am committed to empowering and assisting you as much as possible, so after our initial consultation you will receive a copy of our recorded consultation for you to watch as many times as you like for three weeks after our chat.  I’ll also send detailed follow-up notes, recommendations of natural remedies, and any helpful links so you can feel confidently informed. I also offer the choice of continued support via the BabyCues WhatsApp service. This is charged at the hourly rate that will be detailed in my first reply to your booking submission.