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BabyCues Objectives

Child and Parent Health Objectives

  • ultimately to nurture a calmer start to life for newborns and families
  • to provide natural, hands on solutions for parents that aid babies with their digestion
  • to provide postnatal education, of this knowledge, in the antenatal stages so working towards preventative measures rather than cure
  • to reduce the administering of acid inhibiting drugs for reflux behaviours
  • to work from the perspective of abundancy within biology rather than deficiency or lack
  • to promote confident, intimate parenting by teaching how to read a newborns true communication and therefore respond knowingly to there needs in each moment
  • to cleanse some of the old myths and definitions that surround these behaviours
  • to lessen Postnatal Depression rates and child abuse within families that may develop from the emotional rollercoaster ride that digestive overload creates
  • good health and wellbeing within families and communities
  • to work alongside other healthcare professionals and organisations so giving families full assistance and options
  • to support and promote breastfeeding and the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) while also offering support and knowledge to mother's who cannot breastfeed
  • to deliver a exemplary service to families as a whole

Visions for our child and parent health teachings

  • to have extensive knowledge about balancing newborn digestion taught to parents as standard practice during the antenatal stages, just like breastfeeding is taught to mothers
  • to provide consistent, practical seminars to mothers and fathers throughout New Zealand and internationally
  • to launch research on the repetitive witnessed behaviours within my findings and define the relationship of this with a newborn's brain development
  • to release my book so this extensive knowledge can be given to our parents and healthcare professionals worldwide
  • to have a list on our website of organisations that parent's can turn too