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healing colic and reflux worldwide

Have you had success with BabyCues Bio-logical Care for your baby? Have you seen improvements for them? Are you wondering why other health professionals are teaching parents information that cause colic and reflux symptoms (Digestive Overload) and want to see that changed? Then the #babycuesmovement is where you can have your voice heard and join likeminded parents that also want to bring change, so other newborns, parents, and siblings do not have to suffer from the effects of colic and reflux.

What To Do

It's quite simple. You post a picture of your baby, or family, or perhaps your child's hand or foot if you want to remain more private, on #babycuesmovement, and then write your experiences from before using BabyCues methods and the improvements that you then saw for your child and yourselves. You may like to share how it pushed your thinking given what you have been taught, or how logical it is (a common comment I hear) along with anything else that you think will further help get this heard for our newborns and parents, thus reducing and ideally stopping colic and reflux symptoms happening worldwide.

How It Works

There is a #babycuesmovement Facebook and Instagram page. You can post on either of these, or better still, share on both of these if you have accounts. It would also be VERY helpful if you shared other parent’s posts on any of the reflux, colic or baby groups you have. Let's saturate social media with a healthier way for our young, uplifting our world one baby, one infant at a time.

So let's do this!

Let's unite and scream loudly to stop our newborns from their unnecessary and abnormal screaming. Please do share your success story.



I truly believe that together we can eliminate what has now become a health epidemic of great proportions.



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