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Hi. Thank you for exploring my website and potentially looking to book a group consultation. Unfortunately I am not currently hosting any group consultations due to helping manage some family health issues. However, feel free to glean more information on how to care for your baby postnatally with my BabyCues Prevent and Remedy Book for 0-6 month old's, or my Bio-logical Weaning Book for 6-24 month old's. You can also browse my BabyCues Blog

Thanks for your understanding. Best Wishes.


Join me, a renowned clinical postnatal practitioner and holistic health expert that is on a mission to help you extract the truth from the current research and practices on how best to introduce solid food to your child. I’ll also pass on my life-changing, integrated, research based approach of Bio-logical Weaning.

Hailed as a timely, revolutionary practice that a lot of parents have been searching for, Bio-logical Weaning is appropriate for all infants, especially those that have been diagnosed with colic or reflux (or what I call Digestive Overload the cause of colic and reflux) earlier in life, or perhaps have an allergy to dairy, soy or corn.

Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow

Bio-logical Weaning is underpinned by the comprehensive philosophy of Plain + Slow = Gain + Grow.

This unique philosophy is all about respectively nurturing your child’s digestive system when introducing foods, nutrients, textures and quantities that are conducive to their age and the natural evolution of their autonomic nervous system.

In other words, your child will receive all they need while making sure their gut health flourishes. Oh, and it gets even better because Bio-logical Weaning also aligns with the World Health Organisations Guidelines.

What We Will Discuss

Our overall discussion will cover the how’s, when’s and why’s of introducing solids from infancy to two years of age, while branching off to answer your individual questions and subjects that are relevant to your submission below. Some of the subjects that we will cover are as follows.

Main features of Bio-logical Weaning

You will learn the twelve key features of Bio-logical Weaning that will guide you in knowing when to start solids, while nurturing health digestive processes and sleep.

The basic science of your baby’s digestive system

We will discuss how your child’s digestive system functions, and what this means for your ideal delivery, and progression of solid food for your child for their first two years of life.

Digestive Overload symptoms

Understand any symptoms your child may be experiencing that is in relation to their digestive system, like never before. Go beyond what other professionals may have told you and learn the truth behind the ‘why’.

Allergies and intolerances

I will feed back on any allergies or intolerances that are mentioned in the submissions, providing any adjustments to diet or remedies that may be required, while briefly delving into the truth behind the current teaching that introducing solids at four months of age is appropriate to avoid allergies in later life.

Age appropriate milk and foods

You will receive a comprehensive list of foods that you can confidently introduce to your child at each age and stage. We will also chat about the foods that you may already be feeding, and whether these need changing in anyway.

Quantities and textures

Learn how much milk is appropriate at each age, and how best to incorporate this within your child’s day of solid food and sleeps. We will also chat through the suitable quantities and textures for each age.

Daily Patterns

Understand how to advantageously weave your child’s milk feeds, solid feeds and the developmental sleep they require into one day, while maintaining healthy digestive processes.

Fussy Feeders

I'll supply you with the possible reasons that a child may appear to be a fussy eater, and provide ways to either avoid this, or solve this for your child with my repertoire of tried and true tricks from almost thirty years’ experience.

Natural remedies, over-the-counter and prescribed medications

A breakdown of the ingredients in the remedies you have listed when joining this group consultation, along with the effects of using the remedies or medications, and how best to withdrawal the remedies or medications for your child’s situation.

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for your insights on solids. My first child went through Baby-Led Weaning, and I found it all really stressful not knowing if she was getting what she needed in her food, when she did eat. But this time, I am so much more relaxed and after four months of your advice, little Leah is thriving. She loves her food. She’s growing well, and sleeps so well the majority of the time. I wish so much that I knew this with my first. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. Your information has seriously been a guiding light for us.

What You receive

The chance to feel empowered, and supported by myself and potentially the five other parents that attend as you all share your situations.

Answers and advice that are responsive to your booking form submission.

The chance to ask me questions throughout the consultation while gleaning more knowledge as I ask and answer the accompanying parents questions.

VIP Membership entry into the BabyCues Circle where you can view a recording of our online consultation for one month. This is especially helpful if you’d like your partner and support people to understand the methods you have adopted.

20% off my Bio-logical Weaning Guide to be redeemed within a week of the course finishing.

Entry to the private BabyCues Circle Community on Facebook so you can feel supported by like-minded parents that have also had a consultation with me or taken one of my many courses.





Q: How much time do I need to set aside for the live consultation?

A. I have set aside two hours, however, I often find that to answer questions this can extend to three hours. If you can stay for all that time then great. But if you can’t, then the full group consultation will be available to you after 24 hours of the consultation time, in the VIP BabyCues Circle, of which you will receive a log in for, at the end of our consult.



Q: I’m concerned that I won’t get the specific answers I need to help my child because there will be other parents on this virtual consultation.

A: It's understandable that you are worried about this, but this is why I keep all group consultations to a maximum of five families, and ask you to fill in an in-depth booking form so I know what to cover in each session so everyone gets the answers they require. Also, because this method is fundamentally based on digestive biology, jaw development and the nutrients required for all infants, thus every child being largely the same, I am confident that every parent attending will leave feeling empowered and excited about weaning their child, and confident to correct any issues.



Q: I have never used Zoom, and am technically challenged, so I’m worried that I won’t be able to connect for the consultation.

A: Seriously, if you can click on a link in an email then you are good to go! On submitting your booking below you will receive an email from me. If you don’t then please do check your junk mail, or that you have entered your email correctly (if not, then please let me know on In the email you receive there is a link to click on. Do that about ten minutes before the time we chat, and follow the prompts from Zoom on your screen, and hey presto, you will get to see me and hear all I have to share. It really is that simple. 



Q: What happens if I miss writing down what you said about my child?

A: You will have access to our recorded consultation via the VIP BabyCues Circle for a month. You will also get to access my extensive FAQ’s library, and read bonus material that will help you take the necessary steps toward health for your child, and family.



Q: Is my information confidential given we are in a group consultation?

A: While BabyCues states that all is to be kept confidential within our terms and conditions, including both your details/information and that which I provide, given we cannot be sure that everyone attending will adhere to these conditions, we suggest that you keep this in mind if there is anything personal you would rather not share.

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