The online courses below hold a wealth of knowledge to help parents and health professionals care for our children in a healthy manner from newborn to two years of age.

Burping & Gas Masterclass

Understand the causes and effects of trapped air in your baby's body, while learning practical burping techniques that intuitively align with what your child is showing you in each moment, inclusive of how to respond knowingly to their Six-Wind-Cues. Philippa also shows you how to implement her famous burping method, Nature's Wind Sequence, with never seen before footage of lovely baby Tia, and her Mum Natalie, long with three other families. This really is a one-of-a-kind highly beneficial masterclass for all parents-to-be and those with a 0–6-month-old.


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Prenatal Masterclass

This is a masterclass for all pregnant parents. Whether it’s your first time around, or your second or third child, the postnatal time with your child, or children, can be more harmonious with knowledge. So come and join me and learn how to care for your baby's daily health and development, along with some fun tips, in this one-of-a-kind webinar, which will also have you avoiding the awful symptoms of colic, reflux, silent reflux, lactose and dairy overload and the witching hour - aka Digestive Overload the cause of these symptoms.


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Heal Colic and Reflux Naturally

Learn about the symptoms, causes and how to resolve your baby’s, or infant’s, colic, reflux and silent reflux naturally – yes that is possible!  This webinar steps you through everything you need to know to either ease your child’s pain, or prevent this for your child if you are pregnant. Despite what you might have heard, the causes of colic, reflux, and silent reflux are known, and they are curable. You don’t have to feel helpless. So please do join me for this informative, research based, but simple to follow masterclass.