create digestive comfort


Reduce digestive discomfort, colic, reflux, silent reflux and the witching hour symptoms, by learning how to respond knowingly to your baby's innate Six-Wind-Cues and understanding some of the major causes of trapped air and gas. 


symptoms + cycles

Define your baby's symptoms that are caused from trapped air, and learn about the common cycle of air.

myths + causes

Learn two HUGE myths about trapped air and the common causes that bring discomfort.  

identify + method

Understand your baby's innate Six-Wind-Cues, and learn BabyCues must know ten-step burping method. 


Philippa has thirty years of hands-on postnatal experience and as an Awarded Infant Gut Health Practitioner, Certified Lactation Consultant, the discoverer of our innate Six-Wind-Cues, three time author, and her most important role, as a mother herself, you are in the hands of someone who gets this.

"I have absolutely no doubt you will be very famous because of your knowledge, one day soon."

Learning about wind and the winding techniques has given me, not only the skills and confidence, but a greater understanding of how to help my baby sleep and be more content. The winding sequence and winding signs now seem so obvious and they help me to recognise what my baby needs or what she is communicating. I feel empowered and I know that I have a much happier baby. Parent Lisa

"Philippa has cracked the code when it comes to babies!"

I spoke to doctors, an osteopath, a lactation consultant, a sleep consultant, and many Plunket nurses with no progress. Within one week of BabyCues methods Ray was napping longer in his cot and waking less in the night. His constipation resolved, and he had regular bowel movements. The crying, wiggling and thrashing stopped. He began to smile, coo and chat more. Parent Kayla

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