Prenatal Masterclass

Craft Your Care

Welcome to the one and only webinar that helps you craft postnatal care for your baby while you are pregnant, or in their first few months of life. Learn responsive care and practical know-how, with a research based approach, to nurture a positive, healthy journey for your family.

This Postnatal Masterclass is currently under revision as we move it from a webinar where I am present at each class, to a course that you can partake in at any time that is convenient to you. You will still receive everything on offer below with the course, except me in person. So feel free to learn more by browsing the page below and if you’d like to stay updated on our progress, and hear when the course version is available, please do sign up for my newsletters.

Is This Masterclass For You

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What You Learn


Topics: newborn checks, skin to skin, umbilical cord care, stools, baby’s fontanel, and weight gain for baby. Mum’s recovery inclusive of physical happenings like caesarean recovery, episiotomy, initial milk supply and engorgement management, with natural remedies to aid recovery. We also talk about emotional effects like the baby blues and sleep deprivation. Dad’s, your preparation is discussed as are the emotional changes your go through, inclusive of hormonal changes.

Your baby's developing digestive system

Topics: learn how to nurture the rest and digest way of being through BabyCues Practice of Bio-logical Care (life-logical care) by learning the basics about your baby’s digestive function from birth onward. You will also become accustomed to recognising the symptoms and ascertaining the causes of colic, reflux, the ‘witching hour’, lactose and dairy overload so you can avoid or remedy these for your child.


Topics: everything you need to know to aid a healthy breastfeeding relationship inclusive of the breast crawl, breast anatomy and function, milk composition and production, hand expressing, stimulating supply, suck momentum, positions and latching on, tongue and lip ties and what is a healthy breastfeeding diet.

Bottle Feeding & Winding

Topics: how to make up a bottle, how to feed a bottle, expressing for bottle feeds and formula choices. You will also acquire the skills necessary to burp your baby well as you learn about Bio-logical Winding, the cycle of trapped air in the digestive tract, optimum burping, calming techniques, salivary enzymes and pacifiers.

Winding Continues & Bathing Baby

Topics: baby’s Six-Wind-Cues explained, what to do when your child expresses these cues, other cues will also be covered such as hiccups, blue beard, pedalling legs and arching backwards.

Bio-logical Sleep

Topics: sleep requirements at different ages, your child’s body clock, the true tired cues, how to sleep baby, settling techniques and top four tips to create sleep.

"Thank you so much Philippa for all you have taught us. Now that Mia has arrived I see how much your advice has allowed us to relax into parenting so we can simply enjoy this intimate, amazing time together. It's still hard work, it's not all roses, but I can't imagine where we would have been without your wisdom. I believe all parents should do your course. So worth it!"

What You Will receive

Tuition hours

A minimum six hours of simple to follow, interactive research based training on all the things that many parents wish they had known.

Bonus material

On sign up receive a shopping list, and on completion an in-depth guide of helpful tips and natural remedies to aid common ailments for baby and Mum.

FAQ Library

You'll also receive VIP access to BabyCues FAQ Library, where Philippa has answered hundreds of parent's questions. You also get the opportunity to ask your own.


Entry to the private BabyCues Circle for twelve months from the date of your first webinar, granting you the benefits that follow.

The moment you join, you get instant access to all six modules, which offers you and your baby a great start for the first six months of life. It's all research based information that you won't find anywhere else, and is delivered in a simple way that just makes biological sense (VALUE: $950.00)

VIP access to a burgeoning BabyCues FAQ's Library where Philippa has answered hundreds of questions from other parents, thus offering you further support throughout and after the Masterclass. (value: $250.00)

EXCLUSIVE access to Philippa's private BabyCues Circle Community on Facebook so you can feel supported by Philippa even further, while chatting with like-minded parents (value: $150.00)

50% off BabyCues Prevent and Remedy self-help eBook (value: $15.00)



USD $197.00

Definitely a high value course. A wealth of knowledge. Thank you so much for everything. We feel much more prepared, less worried and more excited.

We really enjoyed the holistic approach, it made us feel very comfortable. Doing this course has taken away the fear of being a new parent and helped us to feel like everything is going to be OK. We can do this!

My Why...

As a mother and an international postnatal practitioner and educator of almost thirty years, that has taught thousands of parents around the globe how to care for their newborn, or infant, I strongly believe it is time for change!

Currently there is a great lack for our newborns, parents, and siblings, that has an ambulance at the edge or bottom of the cliff scenario being provided. When in actual fact, intervention with prevention would be considerably more beneficial on so many levels! So one of my commitments in my life time, is to try, as best as I can, to reduce the heartache that is caused by the backward healthcare system that far too often leaves our newborns suffering and parents desperately questioning 'why are we not being taught this information before I birthed my baby? It would have saved us all so much heartache.' 

It's time to uplift, accelerate, and implement the perspective that knowledge empowers health and well being. That knowledge is liberating, and it nurtures understanding, which then enables you to make informed, confident choices for your baby and feel more relaxed as parents. Thus cultivating a win, win environment for all you hold dear, while creating a healthier generation to come.



Q: Why do you think I need to attend this course when I could probably google everything?

A: Firstly, that’s a great question. Secondly, in short, you won’t be able to google everything in this course.

For a start, I am seriously the only postnatal specialist worldwide that is currently healing colic and reflux naturally through teaching parents about how their child’ digestive system actually functions, and then learning how to nurture alongside this. This is invaluable, ground breaking information for any new parent, or second, third time parent. I have also discovered, through early years of my own clinical hands on research, that newborns are born with Six-Wind-Cues and I’m currently teaching this, and how to fully burp your baby by understanding this cues, with a method called Nature’s Wind Sequence. So not only will you receive practical, researched based knowledge that will help you extensively, and is not taught anywhere else, I also believe that it would be less time effective to go searching for all of this information yourself.



Q: How long will I have access to the content? Will the masterclass expire?

A: My wish is that you have the best opportunity possible to listen, learn and implement this knowledge while pregnant and after birth, so to enable that, this masterclass is available to you for twelve months via your BabyCues Circle VIP membership. 



Q: Will this work for me and my parenting hopes?

A: If you want to foster a calm, connected, nurturing start for your child, and which parent doesn't then the great news is, that this postnatal masterclass is designed for you. It will help you feel confident and ready for all the basic care practices that will enhance these outcomes and your hopes and dreams for your family.



Q: How much time will I need to set aside to complete the full course?

A: The masterclass is split into modules and within those modules are specific subjects, making it easy for you to pick up where you left off at any time, and because you have access to the masterclass for twelve months you can mold it into your own timing. You can also dip into it when you need answers about your situation with your baby in the moment.



Q: Will I miss out on anything if I buy now but have to watch all of the recordings later?

A: You won’t miss out on anything. You will still receive access to all of the class content, emailed bonus material and full access to everything related to this masterclass in the VIP BabyCues Circle. However, please do keep in mind your due date, time to learn, and then time to refer to the content once baby is born because your access is for twelve months in total when choosing your masterclass start date.



Q: I’m not tech savvy. Is it going to be easy to access everything and ask questions if I have any?

Absolutely. So simple. I will send you reminders, link access to the actual masterclass, and a link to connect you to your login page for the BabyCues Circle, where you will clearly see the FAQ Library and where you can ask me a question if you can't find it in the library. It’s easy as.


Get the start you and your baby deserve