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BabyCues Unity Locket

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BabyCues is all about enhancing attachment and bonding between parent and child and BabyCues Unity Locket takes this paramount connection to the next level. They respectfully aid a baby’s transition to a new environment and/or carer where the Mum or Dad cannot be present.

Science tells us that smell is integral for newborn bonding. Within days of birth babies recognise the scent of their mother and aroma from Mum’s breastmilk, reducing stress and increasing mouthing for feeding. Thus scent can be helpful when transitioning from breast to bottle, or breastmilk to formula, with the person feeding wearing the scented locket. It can also be helpful when a baby or infant is being cared for by someone different and/or in a new environment. 

How it works: The parents either spray the felt pad that sits in the necklace with perfume, cologne or soak it in breast milk for five minutes. Squeeze out excess milk. Place pad into locket and share. Wash the pad in boiling water and unscented soap each day if milk is used. Allow to completely dry, using another dry pad for next day. It can help to familiarise baby with locket prior to sharing.

The BabyCues Unity Locket was trialled in childcare centres throughout New Zealand for a full year with fabulous success. Many of the mothers said that there were situations where it obviously brought their baby comfort to smell them, and they themselves felt better from providing this. Teachers reported back saying, they would definitely recommend this necklace to both educators and parents and intend to use this again in the future. In one case an eight month old child had not taken the bottle while at the centre for two weeks – a rather concerning situation for all. On introducing the BabyCues Unity Locket, first at home, and then giving this to the teacher at the centre whom then placed it by the nose of the infant while feeding, allowing them to play a little with it during feeding and throughout the day, the baby began to drink their bottle after two days.

The essence of scent is unity. Create more unity for your child or at your childcare centre with the BabyCues Unity Locket, and if you have any feedback you’d like to share, please feel free to come back here and leave a review.

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