Breastfeeding Meal Plan

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Breastfeeding Meal Plan

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Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey, and what you eat plays a crucial role in both your health and your baby's gut health and development. Philippa's carefully crafted meal plans are designed to provide the essential nutrients you need to stay energized and support your baby's growth, whilst making sure you limit Digestive Overload symptoms for them.

You will receive:

  • access to two weeks of recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks through your own login and a printable PDF of all recipes 
  • FREE Breastfeeding Diet Guide that explains the vegetables, fruits, grains, etc that you can and cannot eat to establish calm digestion for your little one
  • shopping List for all recipes making the grocery visit easy
  • balanced healthy daily mix of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates
  • enjoy mouth-watering recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, perfect for busy mums, and the whole family.

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