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Would you like to offer transformative content that will uplift the lives of your audience? I know that's what I love to do, and I'd love to do that with you. Whether you are a parenting organisation, Early Childhood Center, or a school that would love to incorporate mindfulness, or inspire kindness with parents or children, or even both at the same time, then you have come to the right speaker.


Heal colic and reflux naturally

Learn the causes, how to diagnose those causes, the symptoms and how to alleviate those for a baby or infant. Discover how a child’s digestive system functions in the first year of life and why understanding this, and a child’s innate baby cues, are fundamental to eliminating colic and reflux for our young.

Knowledge Shared

  • symptoms of colic and reflux
  • what is Digestive Overload and how does it form
  • the developmental beauty of trapped wind and it’s not so good points
  • learn about tongue and lip ties and how to diagnose these
  • become confident in knowing a child’s digestive capabilities and capacities
  • the truth about reflux medications
  • understand the pathway to recovery for remedial cases
  • grasp preventative measures to avoid Digestive Overload
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A baby’s cues

This extensive workshop provides an opportunity for the audience to deepen their understanding of what a baby is truly communicating, and how to respond knowingly WITH them to foster calm and nurture developmental sleep. It is an ideal workshop for those that want to focus on the age group of newborn to six months old.

Knowledge Shared

  • introduce you to a baby’s innate Six-Wind-Cues and how to respond to these to release trapped wind
  • enable parents to distinguish between hunger, wind or Digestive Overload behaviours
  • teach responsive care for distressed behaviour like arching backwards and pedalling legs
  • explore calming techniques that nurture responsive care for baby while creating a balanced equilibrium for the parents
  • learn a baby’s real tired cues
  • identify strategies for settling and re-settling babies
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Simplify Solids

When we introduce and feed solids in a way that respectfully works alongside the child’s basic digestive biology we foster a relaxed disposition and support comfortable exploration of an infant’s food, body and environment. This workshop helps to put the latest research, fads, and recommendations into perspective, while providing a healthy, logical guide.

Knowledge Shared

  • the basic biology of an infant’s digestive system, maintaining balance at each age and stage
  • the ideal age to start solids
  • when to offer solids throughout a day to benefit sleep
  • healthy food options from six months to one year, inclusive of what to avoid
  • the ideal quantity of solids at each age and stage
  • how much variety is truly good for our infant’s in the first six months of solids
  • about purees and Baby Lead Weaning
  • how to make nutritious homemade solids
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Inspire kindness

This practical, invigorating workshop offers attendees tools that aid children to develop the emotion of kindness within their environment and beyond. The workshop delves into the beneficial side effects of kindness, while providing projects that teachers and the like can take back to their children and implement. Ideal for teachers of all ECE ages.

Knowledge Shared

  • increase awareness of the child’s own emotions
  • help teachers to inspire caring individuals that create caring, trusting relationships
  • focus on introducing five concepts of kindness
  • provide activities to promote kindness to others
  • supply material for quick implementation of kindness in the classroom
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Minders of mindfulness

Mindfulness is innate and exquisitely abundant at birth and I believe it is up to us to teach the next generation how to keep their innate skill of being mindful throughout their life. This workshop enlivens, inspires and invigorates those that attend. They will learn the science behind mindfulness, practical exercises and take away many fun mindfulness activities back to the children they work with.

Knowledge Shared

  • what is mindfulness?
  • the scientific effects the thoughts have on DNA and the receptive outcomes that flow from this
    research on mindfulness
  • self-regulation of thoughts
  • exercises to share with children so they have a place to go to within themselves that helps them deal with new emotions
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