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Digestive Overload is a term I have coined after my original discovery that it’s the cause of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload. It also creates what is widely labelled as the witching hour, purple crying and/or sleep regression. All of which are not normal, can be healed naturally and actually do not have to exist for our children.

Digestive Overload is descriptive of a newborn, or infant feeling one or more causes of digestive imbalance. Like adults, newborns and infants can get overloaded and uncomfortable in their digestive system through overeating, feeding frequently, holding on to too much trapped air or gas, painful bowels from being backed up, or diarrhoea, and trying to digest certain foods. Unlike us though, they are just unfurling to their digestive function. The movement in the digestive tract is new to them and this will naturally cause a little upset at times, which should be easily soothed. But far too often these days parents are being taught care practices that push a child’s system beyond what it can cope with, leading to amplified discomfort that can have grave impacts on the child’s overall mental and physical health, as well as the parents. Sadly this impact can often lead the family down the pathway of unnecessary concoctions and medications, many of which are actually Band-Aid approaches that cause more issues than they are worth.


Thankfully though, the above scenarios can all be changed by delivering a form of care that nurture’s alongside our early, innate digestive biology from birth. A holistic form of care that naturally develops, maintains or reinstates a child’s necessary digestive balance and settled behaviour. For whilst each case of Digestive Overload is different because it is driven by the child’s individual causes, due to the fact that we are all born with the same fundamental human biology, the formula for healing is largely similar.

With this firm, proven foundation of digestive biology and my findings of the Six-Wind-Cues, a universal set of cues that work alongside a newborns digestive function, parents can better learn how to provide care that is respectful to all of nature's gifts. I call this responsive form of care BabyCues Bio-logical Practice (a life-logical practice). 

BabyCues Bio-logical Practice provides parents and health professionals a respectful, holistic way to nurture alongside a child's digestive capacities and capabilities while understanding, and learning to respond knowingly to their full array of cues. 

It is quite simply, a form of care that is unifying and intimate.

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